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The following volunteers are rendering their valuable time, knowledge and efforts to make this community news blog a success:




Hundreds of men, women and children, apart from those named above, are contributing towards the cause of making free access to information a reality in our society at different levels by supporting, contributing towards and participating in Pamir Times. We would like to cordially appreciate their efforts and we are confident that together we will be able to inspire even more changes.

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  1. Dear Editors!

    I have been closely monitoring your online “Pamirtimes” over the past few months. It is encouraging to note that you have maintained its quality as well as the flavour of freshness and updated information.

    The readers in the Northern parts of Pakistan in general and the inhabitants of Hunza valley are appreciative of this initiative by our youngsters. You have really made us feel being part of the Global Village.

    With best regards,
    Ahmed Jami Sakhi
    Gilgit Pakistan

  2. Baig Ali says:

    Dear All,
    We are proud on the Team of the, to update the Mountain people from the ROOF OF THE WORLD, over all situations.
    Inshallah!!!! One Day the kids of these mountain areas will secure education & knowledge through Gojal net form World reknown Universities, Harward and OXFORD.
    They’ ll create a Boundryless Brother Hood in our global Village

    With lot of VVery Good wishes
    Baig Ali, Islamabad, Pakistan

  3. Rahmat Karim says:

    Dear Editors!

    I myself appreciate the hard working and keep up to date the current news of Northern areas and Hunza.i am quite confident to say that in future this site will be the most true informative site about the Region for world wide readers.Wish you all the best and keep it up.

    Kind Regards,
    Rahmat Karim Dubai Ismaili National Council UAE.

  4. Amin Beg says:

    Bravo Pamir Times team ! From a modest start you have really excelled to this level of quality, objectivity and speed.

    There are new hieghts to gain, as the knowledge society and the ‘new economy’ is engulfing us like a GLOF of the Passu galcier you have reported recently. In order to be relevant in the knoweldge society, the youth, are the key drivers of change, as you have the energy, motivation and zeal to test and apply new technologies, new knowledge and new methods to restore human dignity and improve livelihood opportunities for the disadvantaged mountain communities.

    Knowledge is power. We need to take it to the grassroots levels and transform the society. The youth are the torch bearers. We need to create opportunities for the youth to unleash their enormous potential to bring change.

    We are with you.

  5. Shakila Aziz says:

    you are doing a tremendous job and we are proude of you. best of wishes for your future endeavors.

  6. Darjat says:

    It is a great initiative. I did visit the site first time. Thanks to Mr. Gul Baig and Mr. Baig Ali to introduce me to the site. It provides insight about issues from our roots.

    I am certain apart from sharing relevent news, it will encourage young people to write stories and articales- will enhance writting skills which is most needed and is desireable in professional life.

    Best Wishes

  7. Aziz Karim says:

    You are providing a wonderful service to Hunza in particular and to the moutain people of Pakistan in general. Wish you success in your endeavors. The Daily Pamir News keeps us updated of day to day developments in the region. Suggest you to add some more to it like addition of a header for:
    1. Heroes and Pioneers, in which on a weekly basis a legendary personality of the area should be introduced (whether s/he passed away or alive but retired) including his/her efforts and services for the area he/she rendered.
    2. Our professionals, in which a brief introduction should be included of our prominent and meritocratic individuals whom are representing a role model for our youth.
    3. Shining Stars, This header should be set for meritorious students of the region.

    I will glade to provide any support in my capacity for the wonderful team of Gojal Net and daily Pamir News.

  8. pamirtimes says:

    Dear Aziz Karim

    Thanks for the worthy suggestions. We will try to highlight personalities through Pamir Times (Our monthly magazine).


  9. alimember says:

    This is really incredible the way Pamir Times and have emerged as source of interaction among the youth and intellectuals of Hunza (in particular). I am so glad to read views and comments of our seniors like Brig (Retd) Hisamullah Beg, Amin Beg Sb, Baig Ali Sb, Darjat Sb, Ahmed Jami Sakhi Sb and many more over different local and national issues. The Site Administrators are praiseworthy to capture the attention of these intellectuals and students. I hope, this platform will retain the trust of our educated segment, achievers, and continue spreading the light of real education leading towards a knowledge society.

    All the Best

  10. Muzaffar Uddin says:

    Dear Editor

    I am pleased to see such a proffesional News and comentory inaitive. I beleive that this is the frist step toward creating a responsile knowledge society. I hope that all will add their contribtion to this noble inaitive.

    I congratualte the founders and editors for this professional work. I hope we will be able to contribute and add to the new vertual world more positivly through the PAMIR NEWS to brign forward the Voice of mountain people.


  11. Syed Mujahid Ali Shah says:

    Dear Moderator
    It is a great opportunity to have some documentation and virtual material on your site.It is the most quoted site for the Northern Areas else where in the world as I have some experiences of such kind here in Germany and Switzerland with the Civil Society Organizations which work on mountanin regions have amazingly introduced me your site.

    I am happy as well as proud at the same time the so called remote and mountanin village people are able to advocate their problems with such an international standard .

    My friend Mr.Andy from Basal,Switzerland has suggested me to register the name of Chief Editor of the site for CNN Heroesand we are collectively trying to collect the informations in this regard.

    Best Regards

  12. Safida Begum says:

    Dear Editor and team; Pamir Time is becoming our home and huge source of connectivity with our area, people in Hunza, the leaders and youth. It is just wonderful to visit this website, particularly, when you are so far away from your beloved ones. However, the beauty increases when all the people from different level of ages interact with each other, encourage and give constructive feedback for further improvement. So this forces us to believe that our young generation goes in a positive direction, and we must support them in taking the leading role for an integration of new blood with old to develop a sustainable approach towards development.

    Good luck to each one of you.

  13. Sajjadullah Baig says:

    Your endeavours are commendable not just for delivering such accurate and timely information, but also because of the precious time you spend on collecting and editing such stories, despite of no monetary gains. Being a student, sacrificing your time for an activity of such communal significance is indeed laudable. You are indeed the true bastion of voluntary service. It strengthens my belief in our tradition of voluntary service and our culture of sharing. Personally I visit the site regularly and enjoy reading the news and views, it helps me keep in touch with my people and the place that I call Home.
    Best wishes
    Sajjadullah Baig
    Reading, UK

  14. gulbaig says:

    Dear All
    It is pleasure to jot down reflections on PAMIR TIMES.

    It provides space to promote commuication,intellectual endavours on one hand and captures interest of the youth to compete and excel, more & more.

    Well Done PAMIR TIMES.

  15. pamirtimes says:

    WALI AHMAD ( wrote:

    It is certainly a good initiative taken by you and your team earlier. It is a sort of platform particularly for our young generations to pool their knowledge, experience and suggestions so that to move ahead with a more purposive and unified manner. Now it is our collective responsibility to make this new effort a successful journey in the future. Indeed this site is no longer belongs to an individual person but it belongs to us all. Again i salute to yours’ effort and am ready to share my constructive suggestions if any in the future.


  16. Manzoor Karim says:

    I have no words to comment on the tremendous job done by the Paamir Times Team. It has proved itself as a strong source to bridge the gap amongst our youth all across the world. It gives us a feeling of promixity to our Home Sweet Home.

    well done. God Bless you all.


  17. Parveen Roy says:

    Knowing about ‘GOJAL NET’ and ‘Pamir Times’ indeed brings a sort of contentment that youngsters have been thoughtful enough to contour ways through which connoisseurs and practitioners from different walks of life could not only disseminate knowledge, but also contribute to the process of knowledge generation.

    Wish you Luck

    Hajee Parveen Roy

  18. Engr.Aziz Ali says:

    my special gratitudes to all the members of pamir times for rendering their service. you are doing a great job and i myself found the pamir times very interesting and informative. it is a good forum to share views and ideas. i wish you much more success in future.

  19. Abu Khayyam says:

    Hats off to Zulfi and Noor for taking such an unconventional though difficult course in fighting social ills, stereotypes, numbness and hypocrisy prevailing in our society and decaying our social fabrics….

    Abu Khayyam and Cina

  20. Alyan says:

    Love and prayers for all your doings.

  21. pamirtimes says:

    Sam ( wrote:

    wonderful work… u can spread ur work n put some news from other parts of hunza as well…

  22. Manzoor Parwana says:

    The Pamirtimes team has done an excellent job. Well done and keep it up.

    Here is a correction urgently required that Gilgit Baltistan is not Part of Pakistan so Please aviod using the term Northren Areas for Gilgit Baltistan.

    Northern Areas is a meaningless word .This words has designed to demolish our History and national Identity.

  23. Arif Waqar says:

    Dear Readers

    Mr. Parwana is absolutely CORRECT that Gilgit Baltistan is not Northern Areas of Pakistan. If it is Northern areas of Pakistan it is also Western Part of India,Eastern Part of Afganistan ,Southern parts of Chian. Gilgit Baltistan is not part of any country, constitutionaly. It is a separate political entity, having unique Identity ,culture and History.

  24. farkhanda mehmud says:

    it is great to know that the finally guys from gojal are bale to have an online voice via this piece which is yet to become a representative online paper of Hunza if not of the whole region. efforts must be taken to braoden the sphere of news out of gojal steppes where it is real that life is misearbale for poor gojalis but their co-villagers living in cities do som,e work to end isolation of the remaining lot in gojal that is busy in growing potatoe and nothing otherwise.
    good effort indeed and one hopes it may serve the purpose for which it has been launched.

  25. al al-Hakim says:

    First of all let me congratulate the editorial team of Pamir Times for working so diligently to create and maintain such a good quality blog. It is a great effort to bring important news from Northern Areas and present it to diverse audiences around the globe. Let me share few thoughts here. Constructive social and political change can only be introduced through a healthy and informed debate, discussion and understanding of key issues involved. Hence your blog is an important effort in evolving a dynamic and engaged society. While, objective presentation of news, and reporting of various socio-political developments is always welcome and it is, apparently, a good way of keeping people informed of things happening back home. But what is really essential is a critical and intelligent reflection on those stories and news-events so as to advance the cause of justice and positive social change.
    Our whole region has been kept in the depths of darkness for the last many years by various ruthless political forces that have stifled the growth of an enlightened political conciseness, thus leaving our people politically and socially suppressed. While our area was known for classic tranquilly epitomised in such mythical ideas as Shangrila. But, these dark forces have actively fomented and introduced issues of violent sectarianism, parochial communalism, and have also encouraged divisions along ethnic and linguistic line. The youth of Northern Areas should grapple these questions head-on and in the process we should seek to reclaim our authentic heritage and essential values of brotherhood, dignity and egalitarianism.
    Should Pamir Times commit itself towards addressing these disturbing questions and face them boldly, then I can safely assert that you are beaming the rays of light into the darkness of caves in which our people have been kept for so long.

    Best regards
    ali al-Hakim

  26. Farman Karim says:

    Dear Editors of Pamir News Blog
    I would submit from my core, the best appreciations for your utmost brilliant efforts you put in to configurate this website. Indeed, our young generation is now competitive in relation with the national and international capacities. It’s main manddate I realized is acting as a” Bridge of Adherence and Channel of Sharing Information”
    and I will do my best to share about the new openings and sources of vacancies here.
    Farman Karim
    Sr. Planning Engineer / Team Leader Planning
    The Morganti Group Inc. International Div.
    The Project Management Consultants

  27. Ali Madad says:

    Dear Editors!

    its indeed great work from our young generations to pool their knowledge, experience,camittment and suggestions through Pamir Times’ to the all walks of life to keep them up to date the current news of Northern areas.

    Best regards
    Ali Madad

  28. Subhan Allah ! Good work, I like it.

    Anwar Ali Merchant
    Founder Chairman – President
    Muslim Democracy League

  29. hassan says:

    dear friends. Congratulations for taking this initiative. In order to cover the whole of Northern Areas, you may like to nominate reporters from other parts of the region. God bless You All.

  30. malang jon says:

    The world is turning into a global village”
    Before I was not sure about,,, but you guys proved that

    fantaaaaaaaatic job!!!!!!!!

    Malang jon
    Darbar sayien baba

  31. sarah nirvaan says:

    well done bravo
    great work carry on!!!!!!!!!

  32. Engr.Mahboob Hussain, Lahore, Pakistan says:

    Thank you very much Mr.Taj Hussein for introducing me to this site. A fabulous, outstanding work that has been doing by the team of Pamir news not less than the standard of international sites.
    It is a pool of knowledge where every one can share his or her knowledge and can learn a lot by interacting with this site regarding to the history , culture values and currents news of Pamir regions
    My heartiest felicitation to the Founder who had such a commendable idea and rest of the team.

  33. Ahmad Saleem says:

    Thanks to Paamir Times: Now I can access to my wakhies any time, anywhere around the globe; only and only because of you. Well done.

  34. Aziz says:

    Dear Zulfiqar and tam, you are doing a wonder job by keeping us all updated with news and events of our area. The way issues are being highlighted especially the Soust Dry Port etc without any fear of how powerful and influencal people are involved is really laudable.

    Keep up the good work.

    Aziz at Mansehra

  35. Mirza Ali says:

    Dear PT Team

    My sincere and heartfelt congratulations for making a region dwellers aware of their rights and positioning them rightly, the efforts are beyond has proven that resource doesn’t make one run,nor the influencials make a pause, its mind and efforts that makes one realiz to focus on chief issues of the people.

    PT has laid a wonderful foundation of progress and awarness for all categories,now need move on and on ,to go hand to hand and make it more lauder that echo in the sky tower mountains!!!!!!!!!!!…you people find peopel beside you,in every precarious and hostile situation………..Best of Luck……!

  36. Mohammad Ali & Reshma says:

    Dear PT Team
    First of all let us to appreciate your remarkable initiative for serving the people of montain areas using the internet/media. Accept our deepest congratulations.
    As we are breathing in the post-modern period and one of its disctinct characteristics is fast communication . if we want to harness the benefit of the Globalization then we have to use the media effectively in order to turn the challages into opportunities. Hopefully it will be a mile stone for the young generation to follow

  37. tariq says:

    i watched this site for the first time. i am very glad that u people are working for GOJAL. there are different comments wrote here about the article and i would only say that WRITE THE TRUTH
    what ever people say but the truth cant change
    i m proud of u all.
    with prayers bye

  38. Tariq Mahmood says:


  39. Fazal Rehman says:

    First of all I would like to congrate all the members of the and pamir times who are doing such a wonderful job for the interaction of our youth. The way you people are working is really very apreciateable.

  40. zahir says:

    Dear Sir
    I am looking for a contact on how to get Cds of Meher Angez
    Appreciate any help

  41. nasir karim masoom says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll u people have done a gr8 job….keep it up,,,,,

  42. Nazeer Ali Khan says:

    Gafch Baf, Shobosh
    Thanks for becoming the first high tech and modern, speaking mechanism to the people of Gojal Hunza.
    I think it is a place where everyone should fell that they are all moving to solution and development. We have many potential and can get more than any nation around the world. Dear editors I have few suggestions, which are according to me, need to be addressed, due to time.
    Introduce different topic for discussion, but with suggestion, current situation, history, and most of all remedy for different matters, about the area, next take all the literature forwarded to you and then make one final presentation. This will give more charm to PT.
    History of different part of Gojal from Chipurson to Shishkat. Should be bring forward, we have few history books available but are either written or are speaking the mind of an alien. Most of our oral lituratuire is lost due to the death of many intellectuals . So PT can take the inisiative and bring forward all the lost history of the area. PT can find or give the topic to all the readers to give the history of their village family for example, How many families are living there in one village , where did they come form do they have any idea about the past family names , origin? What is the present educational rate of the village?
    What you will get , social, political, history . who were the key player, what is the differences between the past and the present . what is the massage from the past.
    I hope Im clear in my point.
    The best from Nazeer Ali Khan

  43. Sharif Khan says:

    Dear Zifiqar and Noor,
    I am glad to see your great efforts of initiating and Pamir Times. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on these brilliant achievements. Definitely it will bring awareness among the mass in general and assist students and professionals in particular. As the time and space did not allow us to go visit frequently to our homes, towns/villages to interact with our family members, friends, villagers and co-villagers to share joys or distribute sorrows but your website made it possible to meet our nears and dears. I really appreciate your great effort and voluntary work. Keep it up

    Sharif Khan
    Faculty AKU-IED-PDCN
    Professional Development Centre, North
    University Road, Konodass, Gilgit
    Northern Areas, Pakistan

  44. Abbas Ali says:

    Dear Team Members of The Pamir Times,
    Accept my heat felt gratitude and congratulations for the successful launch of Pamir Times and sustaining its publication and quality reporting. Indeed, your endeavors to start publication of online news paper and magazine are unique in the Area which you are representing and it was an urgent requirement of the time.

    I have been reading your publication for quite some time and it gives immense pleasure to look at the progress that has been made over the past two to three centuries in our area. The progress ranges in the areas of a modest economic stability, social sector that includes education, health, and collective communal efforts. However, the areas where people of NAs (Karakorum) lack a significant progress are intellectual contribution in knowledge construction, Political knowledge and activities; and Business development among other.

    Although, all important segments of society are very much interlinked and dependent on each other, but to create a clear understanding of the functional elements of society it is important to highlight each component individually and measure its progress. Keeping this in view, the publication of Pamir Times is a valuable contribution towards knowledge construction and intellectual development of the people of Karakorum which will foster the pace of development in politics, business, social and economic spheres.

    Finally I would like to suggest a gradual expansion of the scope of the publication towards a broader geographical and communal inclusiveness.

    With best wishes,
    Abbas Ali

  45. Sher Karim says:

    We can call our part of the world as PAMEER instead of Northern Areas. Northern Areas of Pakistan is now a days famous for unrest and Talibanization.

    While we have nothing to do with Talibanizaion and relegious fanaticism, terrorism

    I agree with Manzoor Parwana

  46. Ali Musofer says:

    Dear Readers of Pamir Times, where we are in the globe as a musofer, north to south, east to west, Pamir Times is the best. we have found both special and spatial news and reports on PT.

  47. firdous karim says:

    dear brother s and leaders of furture generatiopn i, persionally appericate the greatest efforts of yours.

    The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.
    –Ethel Percy Andrus
    Submitted on 21 April by Lindsey Garner

    In order to motivate others, you must first become a source of motivation by yourself. It simply means that if you want to get anything done through others, you must first do it yourself.
    — Hazrat Ilyas Attar Qadri
    Submitted on 15 March 2008 by Muhammad Umer Attari

    If just one person believes in you
    Deep enough and strong enough
    Believes in you hard enough and long enough
    Before you knew it, someone else would think “If he can do it, I can do it”
    Making it two.
    Two whole people who believe in you.
    And maybe even you can believe in you too.
    –Robin and the Muppet Gang, from “It’s Not Easy Being Green and Other Things to Consider”
    Submitted on February 15, 2008 by April

    When you volunteer it means you give yourself without any regression, without condition, but with full devotion…
    Submitted on February 15, 2008 by Faith Tomaquin

    What the mind of a Man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.
    Submitted on February 15, 2008 by Albert Kwansa-Adjei

    Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and help them become what they are capable of being.
    Submitted on February 15, 2008 by Elizabeth Ellis

    Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS!
    –author unknown
    Submitted on February 20, 2008 by Jana Baker

  48. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Dear PT Team & members,

    I feel really pleasure to see all your efforts for providing timely information and updates on the events taking place on daily basis, specially the Chut Ghost and Sighez Kore, Ghulkin news were given enough coverage.

    I have read all the comments from my colleagues and friends but none of them highlighted the issue of your funding and financial management, I mean what is the source of your income?

    Because all of you are working in a professional manner and in the capacity of voluntary, we all know that every thing has a cost in the shape of time, communication, report writing, downloading informative materials, scanning & editing the pictures etc. So who pay all the above expenses?

    Every one appreciates your efforts and role but we also need to share the Cost of providing Services, let us know what we can do as reader.

    Zafar Iqbal, Ghulkin

  49. Engr. Farman Karim -UAE says:

    Indeed you guys are doing a great job, covering all the major events in Gilgit/Hunza and sharing the info/updates. Your efforts are highly appreciateable.

  50. Engr. Farman Karim -UAE says:

    I do agree with Manzoor & Sher Karim, we can call rather we should call our region as Gilgit-Baltistan or some other suitable name instead of calling it as ‘ Northern Areas’, as we have nothing to do with so-called Talibanizaion and fanaticism.

  51. pamirtimes says:

    Raja Safdar wrote:
    I am very much inspired with the efforts made by our young generation who ever initiated this informative website, especially from gojal community. It is more important when you are thousand mile away from your village and community, particularlly from family and if you are totally depends on local TV. Here in Afghanistan the only source of information is Jeo TV, and my special thanks to Jeo TV team. I was not aware of this website, and very recently one of colleague briefed me and shared the web address. I am extremly happy with the quality and source of information representing small communnity of Wakhi living in remotre valley of Gojal. My special appreciation to the frounders and key initiative takers.


    Raja Safdar
    Senior Technical Advisor/NSP Country Manager
    Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

  52. Ghalib says:

    Dear editor and team of PT,
    The first and ever outstanding work that is really appreciable.I have strong believe in the team of PT and am well aware of the strengths they possess.
    Mr Noor has been very active in such kind of works and I know him and his potentials as have remained good friends and dwelled in the same hostel for many years.He dreams seem to be coming true as his marvellous works are giving him more space and more appreciations.
    Zulfiqar bhai is a genius who was the first to take the initiative.I must say that he deserves a big hand and lots of appreciations.
    I am there for any kind of task you would assign me.
    We are proud suchalrastic and enthusiastic embassadors and real representatives who are really doing alot for the enhancement of the society and promoting the sense of harmony.This plateform has bridged many gaps uptill now and would go on taking more and more initiatives with strong determination and will.
    Keep movig ahead and we are with you.
    Geo Zulfi and Noor

  53. Musofir (Traveller in the World) says:

    Thanks PT:

    a) “for becoming voice to the silent (voicless) and suppressed peoples;
    b) for trying to become a hub of collective/representative voice of the deprived and suppressed commuuniites;
    c) for becoming white papers and white boards for the writers and for people fond of writing on different issues;
    d) for becoming key informant in providing true information of different issues;
    e) for creating awareness on different issues of the region; and
    e) for endevoring towards genuine goals.

  54. pamirtimes says:

    Thank you Mr Zafar Iqbal for the appreciation.

    The question related to funding source (s) of Gojal Net, Pamir Times, Pamir News Blog, is very important, indeed.

    Internet is said to be the cheapest medium of communication because the costs of doing it are really low. Pamir News Blog, has been established using the free site option offered by an internet company called “wordpress”. Anyone can make a blog for free and enjoy the basic facilties offered. However, to get a more customized version of the blog, we need to pay. So far we are just using the basci free options and, thus, need no financing, at all.

    The reporters use their own resources, purely on voluntary basis. The pictures, almost always, are taken on digital cameras so there’s no need of scanning. They just have to be emailed to us. The cost of using internet is also paid by the volunteer reporters.

    Gojal Net, being a full fledged website, needs around ten thousand rupees per year. This money, for the past three years, has been paid by Zulfiqar Ali Khan, from his own pocket, purely on volutanry basis.

    Thus, we are managing an effective and vibrant entreprise of information that doesn’t need a lot of financing.

    We salute the volunteers who use their own means to keep the community updated. It is this spirit of participation and civic engagement that keeps us moving forward.

    We have not asked for any financial assistance from anyone because we don’t need it, for the time being – the costs being very low. In future, however, when the need arises, and we decide to expand there are different options that can be exploited.

    The biggest capital needed to run this entreprise is time, knowledge and an aspiration to make a difference. Of course these have their own costs but our volutneers are bearing the costs, very generously, in an untiring manner that has stunned many.

    I hope that I have answered your queries about the source(s) of funds of Gojal Net, Pamir Times and Pamir News Blog.

    Once again thank you for showing your willingness to assist us, in covering the costs. But, as explained above, the costs are minimal, so far.


    Noor Muhammad
    Chief Editor

  55. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Dear Noor Muhammad,

    Thanks for the reply, once again I appreciate and applaud the role of your team members and all the volunteers for their tremendous role being played for the readers of Hunza and Gojal.

    I feel very proud because we receive update news on daily basis; this helps me to have a part of the society irrespective of our presence over there.

    I pray to Sarcar MHI for the material and spiritual success of all your team members and volunteers.

    Zafar Iqbal, Ghulkin

  56. mehmood mathour says:

    pamirtimes a great initiative of the youth of gojal which will represent the diverse culture and breadth of wakhan art. it will be a hub for the wakhans(xikh murdoom) to come closer n closer….excelent job done keep it up. may u achive ur target over night..ameem..

  57. zahir karim says:


    The world is becoming smaller – love your work and will promote it to my global readers so they can meet their fellow brothers and sisters.

    If anyone wants to see what’s happening in Canada pls visit :


  58. Taj Hussain says:

    Daer PT Team

    Could you please adjust the server machine timeing, as we have switched to daylight saving.

  59. Azeem says:

    I really appreciate your work…………I hope you guys also start some project (yourselves) to attract tourist around the world.

    This part of world (Hunza etc) is really beautiful……….!

    Regards from Germany

  60. Dr Aurang Zeib says:

    Dear Coordinator and members

    Very recently, I was invited to participate in National Policy Dialogue focussed on Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth. To my astonishment, I came to know that YAN(Youth Advocacy Network) has established its district chapters in Ghizer and Skardu.
    I would request this spirited forum to get the membership of YAN and get maximum benefit for the youth empowerment in terms of their capacity building, skills based education any many more..

    I would be more than happy to assist you in this regard.
    Dr Zeib

  61. sajjad Hyder says:

    It is really some thing telling… innovative and first of its kind by our educated youth of Hunza.

    Plz keep it up..

    Be yourself and do not fallow the crowd…. go for new ways…. creation of new means to live …..

  62. Dr Sarfraz Karim says:

    Dear All,
    i was introduced to pamirtime by mr mohd nawaz.i wana thank the people behind this effort for bringing the people of this remote
    area at a distence of finger click.the content, news,are extra ordinanory esp the historic photogrphs of hunza gojal, i would suggest the editors to online plege to collect the historic photographs and make a bigger collection,i think each reader might have some thing new to contribute,
    one thing more kindly try to get news from all the corners of north,this way u mauy be able to bring people even more closer.

  63. Adeeb Ullah says:

    Good work keep it up.

  64. Ali Aman Gojali AKDN Afghanistan says:

    Ya Ali Madad

    Dear and Brave
    Zulfiqar, Noor and team

    The gojal hunza readers and my self-proud of you and your team you are doing
    Unforgettable voluntarily services and my self-appreciating for your hardworking
    Social and educational voluntarily services.
    Maulah help you great people, (Ameen). Keep it up the sky is yours limits.
    If you need my services then you, people will order me.

    With thanks for your great initiatives.

    Ali aman gojali

  65. M.Ibrahim says:

    It makes me too glad to comment here. Being a resident of Northern areas, one has to confess that politician have had always been shitting the way to come Islamabad and go back to their huts in Gilgit Baltistan. I think the youth is the best to present the real picture of our land. I healrtily appreciate the team work
    of Gojal net, hopefully soon it will be able top cover up the whole northern areas.
    Best of luck

  66. MUHAMMAD SAEED says:

    YoU GUys Are DOinG gr8 JOB . I Wish U MORE sUCCeSS In FUTure..


  67. Dear Zulfiqar Ali
    Its been a long time i am closely in touch with Pamirtimes.As a Administrartor and Moderator of Hunzatimes i Really Appreciate for your efforts for making Pamirtimes a Excellent News Bog for the Youth of Gojal and Hunza .My kind wishes and prayers are with you and your team.

  68. Aziza Sultana says:

    Dear Pamir Team,
    Thank you very much for all your warm wishes.

    Aziza Sultana

  69. Asif Tajik says:

    Thank you 4such anice effort best of luck

  70. Faizul Hussain says:

    Well motivated I had never seen before like this the team desrves rightly felicitation of its readers keep it up.

    Faizul Hussain

  71. Ahmad Sabbah says:

    well indeed its a step taken by some of our young and energetic youth, who had really opned a plateform, where we can interact and share our identity and ofcourse discover our obscure history. I hope each will contribute for creating awarenes about our mountain history, sense of unity and a vision for a golorious future.
    with regards and wishes
    Ahmad Sabbah

  72. MOMIN says:

    Dear Zifiqar and Noor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was visiting number of sites. But Deair Ayed Durust Ayed, I heard about this site a bit late and found it very informative, interesting and full of knowledge.

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to get closer to each other.


    Momin Chipursani

  73. Sultan karim ali says:

    its a really best thing that has been arranged by ur team for the people of hunza and people really get something out of it and it really depicts our cultral….. the reporters from around the world are gathering information and people get informed in no time……. so its really been a nice effort putted by ur team
    sinserely from
    sultan kareem ali

  74. ally ladak says:

    You are providing a wonderful service to sharing with us events in Hunza in particular and to the moutain people of Pakistan in general. We Wish you success in your endeavors.

    The Daily Pamir News keeps us updated of day to day developments in the region. Perhaps you make consider sharing with us success stories such as history, heroes,pioneers,professionals,chalenges, ,shining stars and our youth.

    I look forward to hearing from you
    Ally Ladak
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  75. Fatima Ali says:

    All the team members of Gojal.Net/Pamir Times/News Blog are appreciable for spending their valuable time for this cause. Keep it up

    Fatima Ali

  76. Basit ALi says:

    magnificent work done by Team Pamir Times’ so far ….we all are proud of you ..all please keep up the good work.My special admiration to the frounders and for the key initiative takers.

    S.ALi karachi

  77. Sultan Ali Alvi says:

    Dear all members,
    very appreciable for all the members of and pamirtimes news who are working honestly to promoting our culture in developing way. we hope our wakhi language will come forward.

  78. mutabiat says:

    Dear Zulfiqar A khan & Noor Muhammad,

    I know you might have been thinking about me and my views on your initiatives. Frankly, I have been hearing lots of good things about the Pamir Times and your own roles in running it on a voluntary basis – true to our traditions, but it was only last week when I took some time to glance through the website and noted it as a matter of fact.

    Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the quantity and quality of the ideas, information and knowledge that the PT and its other segments have been generating on a regular basis and for so long. I really felt ashamed of my ignorance about the great services that you people have been rendering to the educated youth of the NAs in general, and of the Gojal valley in particular. For all that I can only say THANK YOU and Congratulations on a job being done very well.

    I really appreciate that as a team, you are inspiring so many local youth through your ideas, skills and deeds. I sincerely wish you success, leap and bound, in your endeavors. I believe success mainly depends on; clarity in objectives, capability in situation analysis, capacity to receive, retain and deliver, credibility in ideas and deeds, consistency in approach and belief and continuity in mission, vision and action.

    Resilience is what I see in your action and deeds. Journalism by its character demands; sound judgment, steadfastness, patience and sacrifices, which you have amply demonstrated over the period of time since you have been in this venture.

    This much for now, hope to be in touch on a regular basis.


    Mutabiat Shah

    PS: this piece was actually written in June, 2008

  79. Nisar ud din says:

    Dear All,
    What a marvelous services rendering you people and really this is hallmark of the youth of Hunza. Media and communication provides the common factors for human being to be united and cohesive and this is what you people are doing. Pamir News blog has deeply impressed and has an enormous influence on every single one of us who are living in Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Nisar ud din Hunzai

  80. Aziz Khan says:

    Dear Zulfiqar and Team

    I am working on a report to enlist and compile achievements made by the Gojalies (Individual or as a Team). In the nearest future I will definatly request a portion in the Pamir Times.
    I am realy impressed of the dedication and work of the team members under your leadership for Gojal.

    You have really made Gojal part of the Global village through this site.

    With best regards

    Aziz Khan
    NEAC, Gilgit, FANA

    The comment was written at

  81. pamirtimes says:

    Respected Ustad Muhtarum,

    Thanks for the complimnets. You are always welcome for any assistance or support from PT team


  82. Quaban karim says:

    Dear All

    First of all u would like to congrate all the members of the & pamir times who are doing such a wonderful job for interaction of our new generation & youth.the way u people r working is realy very apreciateable. it is a great effort to bring importance of our beloved Northren Areas.

    i hope this plateform will retain the trust of our educational segment ,culture & continue spreading the light of real education leading to towards a knowledge society.

    My prayers for the success of all your team and youth.

    best regard

    Qurban karim

  83. Asif karim says:

    dear pamairtime team!
    thanks to update us about the updates in Gojal.
    with best wishes

  84. Aziz khani says:

    Dear all Team Member.

    The Pamir Time is a good webside. i have appreciate it i have thankful to all member of pamirtime. you are updated different information and news.we pray for more progress of pamirTime.

    Aziz karim
    karachi pk

  85. karim rehman sakhi says:

    ym to allll……

    thanx for such a great offer you ppl are doing a great and termendous job……

    it helps ppl around world to know about the great jannat nazeer valley gojal…..


  86. Inayat ullah says:

    I myself appreciate the hard working and keep up to date the current news of Northern areas and Hunza.i am quite confident to say that in future this site will be the most true informative site about the Region for world wide readers.Wish you all the best and keep it up.

    Kind Regards,
    Inayat Ullah Shimshal Rugby UK

  87. Shahid Ali says:

    Dear All

    First of all i would like to congratulate all the members who are putting there precious efforts in such a noble and great job where they provide a plateform for the gojaliees to become aware of all the toumoils around us…..i m first time visiting the site and amazed to see all these Chronicle and the comments of the honerable people of Gojal….. Well done guys keep it up you have the support of all the gojalees…


    Warmth Regards,

    Shahid Ali
    The FMF Bank Rawalpindi

  88. Saeed Qadmi says:

    Dear All
    first of all i would like to give u congertulationall the members who are givinghis precioustime puttingthese efforts such a great jobfor intrection of our new generation and youth the way u peopleare workingis realyappreciateable.
    it is goodto bring importance in our beloved area.
    with thanksfor ur intiatives.



  90. amjad karim says:

    dear team members of PT,

    it is a wounderful web site for keeping updated about our beloved area gojal.congrats guys, you are doing a wounderful job.keep it up, i ,m parying for your bright future and success.

    Amjad karim shimshali
    KIU gilgit.

  91. TOUSIF AYUB says:


  92. Genorus says:

    Kindly expend the news circul in the whole Hunza and Nagar valley and appreciated their participation. from the team it seems that most of the members are from Gojal. with the passage of time the efforts and circle can be expanded to bring more people in the Pamir Time Family.
    My facilitations.

  93. sharifullah says:

    I add job vacancies but it posts only in my blog and benefited others it will not post to the right direction.

    So can i add jobs adds in future or not Plz remove off the barrier
    Plz do the needful

  94. Tasawar-ul-Karim Baig says:

    Its gives me immense pleasure to see wonderful development in the field of new media. I would like to felicitate all team members for extra ordinary efforts. I am sure, Pamirtimes will set a goal in days ahead. Bravo.

  95. Rehmat Karim Soleh says:

    Best of luck. Keep it up.

  96. Meer Alam Jatoore says:

    hi its great pleasure for us that our us youngster are giving their precious time specially reporterts from forigen countries who always try to update us .i apperciate the whole team u r doing good job keep it up my prayers are with “PAMIRTIMES”.

  97. Masood Alam Jaturie says:

    yam! This is very exciting and informative website we like it. special my friends giving their precious time valuable services. i thanks all team members of PAMIR TIMES and specially thanks to mu cousin and big brother Mir Baz Aakash Jaturie from sudia arabia. we are proud of kaka Mir baz zindabad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( Masood Alam Jatuie)

  98. Mir Baz says:

    Thanks for ur comments. Alam & Masood Jatoory’s you can also participate by sending your views on any topic related to our region.

    take care.


  99. Aziz Ahmed says:

    Excellent Job; Zulfiqar and Noor, I have been loging on to the pamirtimes for the last couple of months (almost a year now). this of course is the first initiative of its kind by the bright and visionary youth. News coverage, information sharing and discussions are wonderful. However, lots of people have many many stories to tell, experiences to share and ideas to float. The MAGAZINE is something people are waiting for. I hope you are prepared to launch it.

    With best wishes,

    Aziz Ahmed
    General Secretary,
    Northern Areas Gemstone and Minerals Association (NAGMA)

  100. Deedar Ali says:

    Dear Editor,

    I appreciate your this good efforts and timely up-date the situation arounf GB.

    God bless you.

  101. HUSSAIN LASKIR says:

    dear noor and zulfiqar, as there have been so many changes accured in the administrative units in GLT-BLN and its administrative boundries have been changed accordingly but the maps have not been updateted yet in the web site, you r humbly requested to kindly update the maps on if possible..
    with warm regards,
    hussain laskir


    ‘Pamir Times’ a miracle in the field of e-journalism that serves the mountain people of Glt-Blt region and beyond. PT’S contributions is helping a lot in the inculcation of values to shape and support the needs of knowledge society. The whole team deserves my utmost congratulations and salutations.

  103. Danish says:

    AOA every one,

    When I saw this blog i said WOW. I have no link with GB in any sense. I belongs to karachi and living in canada. But when i saw this blog i felt intrested and now every day i at least visit once to this. This is very good thing to do by any one and shows to other how positive and civilized people are you. I would like to congrats each and every one pf you invloved in this blog from top to bottom. I would like to suggest other pakistan to follow the foot step of this blog in up coming election at least.
    Keep it up brothers.
    Danish, Toronto

  104. Karim Ahmed says:

    Well done guys, really going a good job.
    keep it up.
    best of luck.

    Karim Ahmed

  105. Karim Ahmed says:

    really doing* a good job

  106. Najmul hassan says:

    Hello Brothers, is it possible that you can publish total number of votes each candidate collected in GBLA-6 elections. Thanks

  107. Farhat Ullah Baig says:

    @ Najmul Hassan

    I have Some Information regard polling station wise Voter, so i would like to share with you.
    Sost Polling Station:(PPP:302),PML N:81),(MQM:52) (Ind Cand Aziz Ahmed:14) (HAC:14)…
    Morkhun Polling Station:(PPP :213) (Ind Cand Aziz Ahmed:93),(MQM:39)…
    Khyber Polling Station : (PPP:167),(HAC:120),(MQM:67)…
    Ghulken Polling Station: (PPP:134),(MQM:132)….
    Hussaini Polling Station:(PPP:108),(MQM:66)…
    Khudaabad Polling Station (PPP:177),(MQM:83)….


    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

  108. Aslam says:

    gr8 work

  109. engr imtiaz says:

    Today was my first interaction with pamir times, it was a great feeling to find our youngesters maintaining such a great site , and the vision and maturity of openion shared by visiters. It gave me a rock solid confidence that Inshan llah our future is so bright. Congertualtions 4 great job -Pamir Times Team.
    But want to share one observation, Pamir times claims to be a fourm for Gilgit Baltistan ,but actually is too much Hunza baised. Hunza is our part and we all love it, but the tendency of people from hunza to diassociate themself from other parts of Gilgit Baltistan must be curbed. Let me share it that all communities here are very proud, if our youngesters are not well intergated it will do no good toanyone , Let us be above our minor biases and promote our lovely culture as one people.

  110. lubna says:

    good job keep it uppppppp.

  111. Farhad Baig Beeshkar says:

    Today it was my first visit to this site i was serching on Google but accidently i touched this site, i am very happy to see the site that how our youth is determined to work hard on this site, God bless all of u, u r working for the whole Hunza valley.

    Farhad Baig Jatori
    Karimabad Beeshkar.


    Thank you the whole Team of PT. You have kept us in touch with the mother-land in times of sufferings as well ashappy moments and themes important to the civil society and good governance.

  113. Saeed Alam says:

    I really thank each one of you for your hard work and for your time to do such a wonderfull job to make a this site for us. It gives not only information but an education for our young blod. Please keep it up.
    Saeed Alam

  114. johar and asghar says:

    gr8 pamirtimes. Keep it up

  115. shahid says:

    thanx to the

  116. Dear Pamirtimes Team,

    Well done all the team of Pamir Times.

    tc and regards


  117. very nice up to dates and thx 2 all of ur team works…

  118. Arif Belgaumi says:

    Thank you for this website. I am extremely fond of the Hunza valley and its lovely people. The information on this website about the Attabad slide is especially appreciated. Thank you again and keep up the good work

  119. Asim Saeed says:

    The access of media in the today’s world is very important. Media, which has became the 4th pillar of the state, its role for the development and change cannot be discouraged.
    PT has reached the height of success in a very short span of time, it has played a vital role in the accessibility to information in quick and reliable way. In short words, PT has brought social change in the Gilgit Baltistan region, whether it is for the Political rights or Educational, PT has always be there for its due role. Hence it is very inspiring and a role model for the future generation. We all admire their endless efforts and success and wish best of luck for its future.

    Asim Saeed

  120. Mashgoll says:

    Dear Pamirtimes I think it’s a grate job,
    thanks for your updating ….
    keep it up

    Regards :
    linux pakistan

  121. meher jabeen says:

    The world has become a global village due to fast communication systems.This website really facilitates us in knowing about our area.Otherwise one can only imagine.The team is doing a great job.
    I am really proud of you.
    Meher jabeen alvi

  122. dear team,
    i would like to addmit that the pamir time is the only and lical site,through wich we can learn about the gilgit baltistan and round the world.

    this is only your contribution and efforts that you people are doing and outstanding and ligicall effort to awear the people that our vellage and passture land has rapped with priciouse items and we know how to protect and how to get the rights .

    thank you

    with best thoughts
    rehmat raheem sherazi
    karachi pakistan

  123. zaib says:

    I am proud of you because you have share with us a new thougts. This web site has facilitate us in good way regarding our career but I hope best wishes for future make this site more informative as far as concern the city (Gilgit Baltistan) introduce it’s culture,history and language through which reader enhance their knowledge about the thie city as well as their country .Becouse we are recocnized in world of our culture, languge and city.I want to be a part of your team.Best wishes for doing best.

  124. zaib says:

    I am proud of you because you have share with us a new thougts. This web site has facilitate us in good way regarding our career but I hope best wishes for future make this site more informative as far as concern the city (Gilgit Baltistan) introduce it’s culture,history and language through which reader enhance their knowledge about the thie city as well as their country .Becouse we are recocnized in world of our culture, languge and city.I want to be a part of your team.Best wishes for doing best.

  125. Rehmat says:

    I am really surprise to see the updates of GB news.I did not think
    that, we will have such good website or blog in GB.If you need any news from Islamabad rawalpinding regarding tourism i will try my best to forward you.As i work in tourism company.You can send me mail on above address.

  126. kakilati says:

    thankyou your projects

  127. faraz ahmed passu says:

    I regularly login pamirtimes to known the trure news of GB in general and gojal in particulars. i appericite the efforts of the pamir times team . keep it up God bless you.

  128. Amin khan says:

    Dear pamirstime it is really a great job,which updates us with a true
    news,This is very exciting and informative website i like it.
    I have no word to write for your excellent job.

  129. says:

    i should say its the best source from where we can get first hand information on the current situation inn hunza.
    well done ..

  130. Ali Qurban says:

    Congratulation on development an excellent site. You provided a comprehansive coverage of all aspects of Hunza disaster issues and it remains a main and singe source for recovering information on disaster across the world. For this effort all your team in the providing reports, articles and other information on emerging situation in various constituencies is highly commendable.
    You have proved only determination is required to do some thing extraordinary. The rest of our institutions should follow your example.
    Nontheless thank you for an excellent efforts.

  131. mystical_illusions says:

    i just wanted to congratulate u for such a fabulous job especially noor and zulfiqar… i really like your website and it makes me feel at home and i hope a lot others feel the same who are far from their motherland hunza…

    also please keep updating on the lake part… n also if u could put a link to the late-update videos on the website coz it takes some time to find them on utube… anyways… really appreciate all that u r already doing for us!!!


  132. Rahim says:

    Dear PT Team,

    I personally congratulate you all for doing such a marvelous job by providing news from all the corner of our region, and keeps us up to date all the time. It’s been great pleasure to read about you all who are contributing their knowledge, time and efforts to covering events and news of the region. I wish many many success for PT in coming years. Keep it up. Cheers

    Aktau Kazakhstan

  133. Noor Khan says:

    Dear PT Team,

    YOU and your dedicated team mats absolutely deserve appreciation from all your worldwide readership. Your consistent efforts made you and us proud to make PT the most favourit medium of information, knowledge and opportunity to learn. It has also succeeded in creating attraction and opportunity for the youth segment of the society to align them with the new era as well as increase their existing info and intelect. I hope and believe PT team will continue and progress in making PT the most reliable and leading news blog of Pakistan and also keep itself safe from any controversion. I term it the WINDS OF CHANGE and will always be there to contribute in my capacity whenever needed by the PT management.

    Hope they’ll add value to their work and not compromise on quality of information.

    Once again cheers!

    Noor Khan

  134. Michael Beek says:

    Gratulations, good site for best informations about GB. I look everyday to get the latest news about my second home. You peoples do a great job. I wish good success for the future.

  135. Salam 2 All!
    i use every day it is a very informative web site in the present time.i congrats u all 4 a wounderfull step.Thanks Pamair times team.
    But i have one objection that is No reporter 4rm Chipurson Gojal, u know chipurson is very far and no communication system so plz one reporter is must 4rm that valley.
    i am offering my service if u r needed.
    as i am a student in kiu Gilgit in economics deparment and i am 4rm chipurson gojal
    take care

  136. Pamir Times says:

    Dear Hussain

    Please start sharing reports about Chipursan with us. If you look at the team carefully Najeebullah, Yarzrich, is one of our active editors.

    Please start sharing your work through


  137. pappu gujalii says:

    !!!thumbup 4 yo guys!!!
    m with yo………………………//

  138. Haji jan says:

    Hi all the team of pamir times it is really admirable effort by you people and i am quite confidence to say that you people are the largest print and electronic media of gilgit baltistan in near future Inshallah. really tremendous job it is and keep it up.

    with best wishes and regard
    Haji Jan Ciit abbottabad.

  139. I really appriate the founder of Mr.zulfiqar Ali, Noor Mohd nd especiall Ali rehamt musofer and all the team members of gojal .net who provide news update from gojal as well as Gilgit Baldistan. Nice effort by all of you. keep it up.

  140. Naheed P. Lodhi says:

    Very valuable information via current pictures of the spilway and lake. Keep up the good work.

  141. Absar says:

    Dear Noor & Zulfiqar,
    Hats off to your tremendous efforts in keeping us all informed and in touch with GB specially after Attabad disaster. Sometimes you are the only source of information for people abroad, be it a normal visitor like me or experts like David Petley. The only complain would be, on an average you blog not more than twice a day, we hope to read an update at least every 2 hours.
    Keep up the good work.

  142. DLAIR SHAH says:

    Dear Editor/Young team of pamir!

    I have been closely in touch with online “Pamirtimes” over the period of 6 months. It is great endeavor from our youth to promote our cultural values and highlight up burning political and socio-economical problems of our remote areas.It is also encouraging to note that you have maintained its quality as well as its impartiality and updated information.

    The readers from all over the world reads Pamir so I would like to say to please do work for your own brothers and sisters who are living in miserable condition in Gilgit Baltistan in general and the neighbors of Bam-e-Duniya in particular.

    With best Wishes,
    Dlair Shah
    Gilgit Pakistan

  143. Adeeb hussain says:

    wonderfull efforts i apperacite………..

  144. all team of pamirtim

    we are very happy to see this website.becaus this saite provid us daily update so it is a wonderfull efforts
    i am apperacite this

  145. Navjavon says:

    Dear Pamir Times Team!

    Thank you for the wonderful site.

    Keep it up!!


  146. sadiqkiu says:

    noor bahi and galib bahi it is great effort keep it up i realy like it .

  147. Sher Ali says:

    Please upload the pictures and profiles of newly joined PT members

  148. Amna Zamir, University of Leicester UK says:

    Miles away from my part of world but still in-touch with every bit of happening..Thank you Pamir Times for bringing my land so closer to me. I wish you success.

    Amna Zamir Shah,
    Leicester, United Kingdom.

  149. cute_hunzai says:

    hi keep it doing great jobs

  150. Aaliya Khan says:

    Being far away from home is one of the hardest things one can go through, I never imagined that we would actually get updates from our area especially things happening in our own village. I am so grateful to Pamir Times and the team for keeping me up-to-date. It is a great source of communication indeed.
    Thank You

    Aaliya Khan
    Florida, U.S.A

  151. Aman Hussain says:

    A word from you and a word from me,
    That’s how my ‘Pamir Times’ should be
    In times of sorrows and times of joy!
    We cry together and together we enjoy!!!

    Well, I would like to call PTs a mini Hunza-Gojal. I’m very much impressed by the way how its team members work professionally and very important, voluntarily.
    God bless you all and my best wishes are always with your team.

    Aman Hussain, Karachi Pakistan.

  152. Mujeebullah says:

    Good work the whole team of Pamir times best of luck for future !!!!!!!!

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