Autumn colours of Gilgit

A beautiful autumn view of the Gilgit airport strip from the heights of Barmas. Courtesy: Amin Zia

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9 Responses to Autumn colours of Gilgit

  1. darjat says:

    what a wonderful scene!

  2. bushra rehman says:

    is this original or edited ?

  3. moiz says:

    its very short run way ?? i dnt think its glt airport

  4. Pamir Times says:

    @ Bushra Rehman .. this is an original pic.

  5. wawooo how beatiful my gilgit….looks like a paradise.

  6. habiba says:

    Waw nyC pic

  7. Baig Ali Toojik says:

    _______________The Dream Land GILGIT-BALTISTAN____________
    _______________Come and Enjoy the NATURAL BEAUTY AND LAND SCAP________

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