FWO starts construction of road at spillway of dammed Hunza River

Construction of the access-road has, reportedly, been initiated for the fourth time. Local people have expressed hope that this time the road will be completed

PT Report

Hunza, November 12: The Frontiers Works Organization (FWO) has, for the fourth time, started constructing a temporary access road at spillway of the dammed Hunza River near Attabad Village.

Commuters are facing difficulties due to blockade of the existing access road.

The commuters and traders have demanded of the FWO to finish the construction of road on fast pace and to plan such operations in a better way to avoid repetition of the same tasks, time and again.

The access road, once constructed, is likely to ease upward movement of vehicles on the spillway.

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One Response to FWO starts construction of road at spillway of dammed Hunza River

  1. Haider says:

    from last two year FWO is failed to reduce the water atleast 10 feet.a simple question FWO is there to reduce the water or to build new roads(useless). FWO are just killing the time there. why people of GB are silent on this issue why the govt is still not taking any effective step. a issue or drama or ……….. people of Hunza gojal atleast demand for trackable road we can’t expect jeepable road form this govt.

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