Gilgit bleeds amid unending violence

PT Report

Gilgit, November 9: While most of the people in GB were busy with Eid celebrations, the gun-totting terrorists did their bit to snatch some colours, by killing and injuring people on the streets of Gilgit city.

Today, a person named Shabbir, son of Abdul Karim, was injured near the GBLA building by unknown assailants. The injured was shifted to Government hospital Kashore.

Atif, 16, fainted after falling from a wall, while trying to dodge a bullet fired at him in Kashrote, on Monday, November 7.

Atif also sustained some minor injuries after falling, while trying to save himself.

On Sunday, November 6, unknown terrorist killed Karim, an employee of the Civil Aviation Authority, near the airport. He belonged to Domial locality of Gilgit.

People have expressed disgust over the ongoing killing spree and demanded of the authorities to take strong action against the culprits.

The police officials, on the other hand, blame the ordinary people for protecting criminals by not giving information about them to the police and other law enforcing agencies.

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4 Responses to Gilgit bleeds amid unending violence

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  2. Sajid I. B. says:

    The locals of Gilgit do provide shelter to these terrorists as long as they are killing the “other”. It is impossible for a man to fire a shot and then run into a crowded neighborhood and disappear into anonymity.

    @ Editor: the use of words “affirmative action” is not technically right.

  3. jamal says:

    o my sweet Gilgit,whe will u come out of this endless sectarian hatred?—

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