3 killed in Misgar road accident

Dead bodies of the three victims of today's tragic road accident are being prepared for funeral in Misgar, Gojal. Courtesy: Farman Ali

Farman Karim Baig 

Gilgit, November 8: Three people died in a road accident in the Misgar Valley of Gojal, upper Hunza.

According to details, Rahim Ullah son of Mamu Baig and Ghulam Aziz son of Hajat ullah died in a road accident in the remote Misgar Valley of Gojal, upper Hunza, today, while the driver of their vehicle, identified as Musa, sustained severe injuries.

Ghulam Aziz, reportedly, was a serving Non-Commissioned Officer (Havaldar) in the Pakistan Army, returning to his unit after spending Eid holidays with his family.

Later, while being shifted to Aliabad for medical treatment, the driver, Musa son of Shafa Ali, also succumbed to his injuries, taking the death toll to three.

Police source has said that two more people, Abdul Karim son of Safdar Shah and Didar Ali son of Malik Shah, were also injured in the accident, that took place at around 09:30 am today.

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9 Responses to 3 killed in Misgar road accident

  1. akbar hussain says:

    i am very much in sorrow… because of my relatives are no more….. so pray for their soul may Allah gave rest to their soul…………Ameen.

  2. imran says:

    A very bad news come to lesson us today on this eid day…first from chupurson thn this one ….may allah rest their soul in eternal peace………
    imran tashi

  3. sher baz says:

    my eyes became dim and heart begin to palpitate when i hear this bad news this morning.cox Rahim udin was my sister in law.my heart felt sympathies with my sister.plz every one prayer for then may lord rest their souls in eternal peace.

  4. sharifullah says:

    Ina Lillahi wa ina ilhi rajioon May Allah reset their departed soul in eternal peace. ‘Ameen’

  5. Ali Mehr says:

    A Vey tragic accident that made all us worried and upset.May Allah rest the departed souls in eternal peace.

    Ali Mehr
    Danyore Gilgit

  6. Maher says:

    The frequent accidents on the very dangerous road of Misgar, has left us in a very perplex situation and the loss of invaluable lives, leaving the families in permanent agony and miseries. We all believe that life has to end up anywhere at any time. The more disturbing thing is that if any precautions were taken to avert such accident which took 3 young precious lives e.g. if the car was being towed by another vehicle, the driver of the pulling vehicle must have taken care of the car being towed is safe and the speed of the pulling vehicle was put at the safe level, I believe this irreparable loss of lives could have been averted. At the sometime, the passengers should not have been mounted on the unworthy car. However, let us be content with the belief that death has no calendar, and it may happen anytime without knowing or warning. May Almighty Allah give eternal peace to the departed soul and give forbearance to the bereaved families. Ameen.

  7. Engr. BAIG ALI says:

    This is really a sad news for all of us. SUCH INCIDENTS happened often and on and the people for get with in days and month. Being a native from the area I request to all the concerns from village level to official level to change the route on the right bank of the river. That ud be a very feasible and safe access to MISGAR.

    On this sad tragedy our sympatheties are with the relatives of the late. We can pray only for their eternal peace and SABREEJAMEE to the LAWAQEEN.

    My humble request to all the people to be more HSE adopted people of the world for their own safety and life.

    Once again condolence to all the family members

  8. Darjat says:

    A very very sad news. I do offer my condolences to the family members and friends and pray for the souls to rest in eternal peace.


  9. shahid misgari says:

    thanks all how give there sympathy we pray all marhomeen to give jant ul firdous and muskil asan ameen

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