Multicultural Organization and Social Diversity

Rizwan Ali Bazgul

Being professionally nomadic in a multicultural organization, I have observed how an organization works, when people belonging to different ethnic, religious backgrounds interact with each other, specifically in Pakistan where we have colossal rift between people on the basis of region, language and most importantly religion .latter being crucial in many respects.

Although we work together but there is, almost always, something that leads us to a mindset which is full of suspicious, bigotry and nepotism. We tend to like stereotyping and prejudice for the people who belong to different ethnic group and religion. While adapting the concept of ‘I am a better Muslim’ we create fanatic mentality and groups, which manifest in dogmatic approach to life and proselytizing zeal to purge societies of un-Islamic elements.

If we have harmony and tranquillity within organization, it surely has direct and immediate impact on our society. There is a huge responsibility for  managers to design a way forward with efficient leadership skills, inspire confidence and support among subordinates with unbiased and pluralistic approach, while understanding the general personality traits, i.e. humility, trustworthiness, assertiveness, warmth, sense of humor and emotional stability. These will help him/her to create joint force crossing ethnic divide. Managers are accountable for achieving diversity and maintaining harmony

There should be an institution which could regulate Human Resource Development in both public and private Sectors. We need to create healthy institutions, which will tap the widest possible range of energies and insights, by addressing cultural sensitivities, intelligence, minority recruitment ,intercultural training and integrate formal/informal networks

Our education system should promote knowledge and acceptance; educate management on valuing difference and taking advantage of the opportunities that diversity provided. Economic advantage can sometimes ease social tensions, but social and cultural rifts can hamper economic growth and prosperity of a specific society.

I have a humble request for republican motherhood to give instructions to children in republican virtues, such as patriotism, liberty and honor, rather than imbibing hatred for others.

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3 Responses to Multicultural Organization and Social Diversity

  1. Hyder Abbas says:

    Vital issue addressed by the writer in a clear lucid way. I agree to you my bro, the disease of seeing others as infidels and blindly following some ignorant religious mullas has already deteriorated our emotions of brotherhood and inter-communal harmony in a heavenly place like Gilgit-Baltistan. Organizations are aimed to develop human life in a backward and down trooped people like us, we should not be discussing ethnicity and religion in any organization or any prestigious institution like Universities and Colleges. Our parents need to be educated about the divisive impact of their un-awareness about the future and wrong interpretation of GBs cultural and historical essence. We, the third generation, must now strive to change the minds of our youth and elders as well.

  2. Farwa Zarish says:

    Great! I’m glad to see you focusing your research on such a vitally important area. Its thoughtful and well- written. Good Leadership within a helpful cultural context can make all the difference.The areas you have mentioned like continus research&measurement of diversity related matters, Education and followups are really a very good effort. I look forward to reading more. All the best.

  3. Ali Pirzada says:

    Wonderful article which is indeed inspiring in a simple manner. The writers’ objective is indeed promotion of a tolerant society providing purpose and focus. A number of good suggestions have been cited to infuse harmony. However, being a religious society there is a urgent need to revisit islamic values and obligation system which provides universal homogenous and harmonious codes of life. Society ensuring individual and collective rights cannot be stopped marching over the day to the future.

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