[Cartoon] Gender,honour and horror

Ali Guljee (Ali Ahmed Jan) has artistically depicted the gendered notion of honour in our societies and the horror that is unleashed on women in many parts of the country, in the name of Ghairat. Using the symbols of "moustache" and "turban", Ali has beautifully depicted the notion of honour, while using the same elements to create a hanging-loop, encircling the female figure. Ali is a student of mathematics at the University of Karachi. He is a PT team member

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3 Responses to [Cartoon] Gender,honour and horror

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Shocking but eye opening to anyone who reads it. As a young woman living in a society that treats women and girls well, it made me felt blessed with the fact that I am respected and treated well. But at the same time, I learn that gender discrimination against women still exists in this day and age

  2. shazia says:

    great. it is a harsh fact. which needs to be change.

  3. Anita Asif says:

    true!it was an eye opning statement.

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