Easy access road being constructed at spillway of dammed Hunza River: FWO Official

Farman Gojali

Gilgit, October 10: Frontier Works Organization plans to provide easy vehicle access up to the boat yard at spillway of dammed Hunza River. The road will be paved during the next 3 months and ‘metalled’ by May 2012.

These informations were shared by Col Shahid Masood of Frontier Works Organization while talking to a delegation of the Gilgit – Baltistan Chamber of Commerce who met him under the leadership of Chairman Javed Hussain.

Colonel Shahid further noted that the plan is to reduce the depth of the spillway by 30 meters up to 2013. This, he said, would help the resurfacing of KKH up to Gulmit, the Tehsil head quarter of Gojal Valley.

He said that a large portion of the Karakuam Highway will emerge after the target height reduction is achieved.

The delegation comprised of members of the newly elected cabinet of Gilgit – Baltistan Chamber of Commerce.

Blocked of the Hunza River near Attabad and the resultant closure of Karakuram Highway since January 4, 2010 has proved to be a major blow to Sino-Pak trade. The importers and exporters are finding it difficult to control cost of business because of the labour and transportation charges which have increased significantly during the last one year.

The traders are also worried because a lot of their goods are stolen and damaged at multiple loading and off-loading points.

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One Response to Easy access road being constructed at spillway of dammed Hunza River: FWO Official

  1. hasan says:

    Construction of KKH through dammed area is time consuming and herculean task. It should be constructed via Hisper Nagar. GB Govt has already spent billions of rupees in deepening of water level in order to pass the submerged road. Sino Pak trade has been suspended for a long time. Now it is time to think and start work on construction of KKH through Hisper Nagar.

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