Moscow University scholars visit Gulmit,Gojal

Gulmit: Moscow University Scholars during a public gathering at Gulmit, Gojal. The team is visiting GB to meet Wakhi speaking people and learn about their lifestyle and cultures. They visited Al-Amyn Model School where Wakhi language is being taught as a subject. Yesterday the visiting scholars had also met a team of KIU's academic staff. During the meeting yesterday possibilities of cooperation between the universities for studying languages of GB was discussed in depth. Photo: Aslam Shah

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3 Responses to Moscow University scholars visit Gulmit,Gojal

  1. NA says:

    Can’t you post some quality pics of the visiting scholars, please?

  2. SON OF GB says:

    please more reports and good photos of this visit

  3. Farman ravian says:

    This is a very valuable visit,especially for the wakhi commuintiy.Interactive visits are much needed as the wakhi communities are diverse around the world.
    Thumbs up TEAM!

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