GISAK meeting held in Karachi, new cabinet being set up

Post meeting group photo of Chairman Karim Ali Bahadur, Finance Secretary Ali Yar and Joint Secretary Deedar Ali with senior members and officials of various villages based student bodies of Gojal Valley, Hunza

Karachi, October 2 (PR) – Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) organized a briefing session for leaders and representatives of its affiliate associations from all villages of Gojal Valley here in Karachi. The meeting was attended by around 25 representatives of village based associations. Due to important personal engagements female members and Ms. Farzana, Vice Chairperson, GISAK, were not present.

Chairman, Karim Ali Bahadur, briefly shared his experience of working for the students community during the past two years. He said that some of the major achievements of GISAK related to bringing the students at a single platform and increasing linkages with various relevant organizations. He also said that data about the students present in Karachi has been collected and lecture programs were arranged for the male and female students on different occasions. Cultural, recreational and educational events were also held to ensure positive engagement of the youth.

The participants were briefed about GISAK Action Plan 2010-2020. All the activities for the strategic plan have been identified in a consultative workshop organized by GISAK. The recommendations of that workshop had also been circulated to professionals and leaders for review and comments.

Appointment of a new cabinet appointments for the next year was also discussed. It was agreed that nomination forms will be submitted by respective affiliates, after internal consultation, by October 16, 2011, for further processing, in line with the bye-laws.

Towards the end, GISAK Chairman, thanked the participants and members of GISAK for making the event a success.

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2 Responses to GISAK meeting held in Karachi, new cabinet being set up

  1. SAFDAR SMB says:

    Only meetings meetings meetings and meetings

  2. nisar karim says:

    respected chairman and member of GISAK Karachi!
    ya ali madad!

    being a ExCabinetmember of GISAK and ex presidend of GSA i was really very happy that the caminet has completed her 2 year period of services and know you pepole are going to change and nominated new cabinet for the next tow years…..
    Respected chairman as you know that GISAK is a very importent and need of the students of Gojal studing in karachi city so please make sure that the new chairman and managing mamber must be that one who can devote their time for the students like you have did alot for the students of gojal in karachi and the next chairman must be like you and your present cabinet.
    because it was the students need in karachi..
    lastly i wish you people best of luck and congrate what so ever you people did for the students ..
    whenever you people need my service regarding to students affairs in gilgit city you can contect and order me i am always with you peoples

    with best wishes and regards

    Nisar karim
    Ex managing member of GISAK and Ex president of GSA karachi.
    principal Academy of Human Development Gilgit.

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