[Picotiral] What’s going on at the “spillway”?

Photographs: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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3 Responses to [Picotiral] What’s going on at the “spillway”?

  1. Hikayat shah says:

    2 year of long hard work by pak Army & FWO spending millions of rupees finally succeed to built a monument on the spillway by FWO hey na mazah,,,.

  2. Dr.A.Rehman Alvi says:

    FWO claims to be the builder of KKH and diplayed it proudly but the reality is different. The real builder is the Chinese army and the people of the region are the witness of the fact.

  3. Faheemullah Baig says:

    Just wanted to know whether chinies started work at spillway or still under FWO??I dont think FWO is sincere with the work and the people,,,,

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