Lady teachers and students of Basic Education Community Schools suffer in Chitral

Students studying in a miserable environment at Drosh Community school operated by National Education Foundation

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral: A large number of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) running under National Education Foundation a federal government projects are imparting basic education to both male and female students from Nursery to class 5th. These schools were established in the year 1999 to educate adults as well as small children and to increase literacy ratio in the country. Students of 6 classes are accommodating in a single rented room which often deprive from fan, drinking water, toilets, desk, furniture and other basic facilities. only one female teacher has  been deployed in each school who teaching to students from Nursery to 5th class alone. They were giving rupees 2000 at that time hence it was increased to 5000 later on. But their salary were not increased since 2005 and they are still drawing rupees 5000 only in this back broken dearness time. But unfortunately their monthly honorarium has been stopped since October 2010 and they are teaching their students without any pay.

Pomp and show galore!

A female teacher Miss Gul Amina of Aryan village in southern Chitral told this scribe that she is teaching more than 40 students in one rented room but her salary has been stopped for the last one year.

A student of class 5th Miss Ayisha told that she is very much fond of education and want to become a doctor but she along with other students is facing numerous problems. There is no desk, no toilet, no drinking water, no ceiling fan no light and no other facilities for these students. She said that students facing great problems in summer season due to hot weather as well as in winter season during snowfall and there is no heating system in their class room. Similarly an other female teacher of such community school Miss Nargus told that she has arranged a pedestal fan from her own pocket money for students because they suffering a lot.

Another teacher disclosed that high ups of National Education Foundation had promised that these schools would be merged in government primary schools and their service would be permanent but action on their promise is still awaited. Parents of these teachers also facing great anxiety due to no salary for their daughters. They have appeal President, Premier of Pakistan as well as Donor agencies to release pending salaries of these teachers (for the last one year)   and sophisticate these schools, providing basic facilities to students so as to enable them to get quality education. It was also revealed that students of these BECS secure good numbers in primary education and success to enroll in middle schools for further education despite that their teachers drawing a very nominal pay. It is worth to  mention here that these schools have been established in those areas where there is no government school.

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