Participate in a research

The residents of Gojal Valley who have experienced the life after January 4, 2010 landslide at Attabad have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in an academic research, trying to study the impact of restricted mobility in mountain areas.

The research titled, “Impact of Attabad Disater on Mobility in Gojal valley” is jointly being conducted by Professor Dr. David Buttz and Dr. Nancy Cook, Canadian academicians (Brock University), in collaboration with Pamir Times.

You may like to participate, if;

  • You were based in Gojal when the disaster occurred 

  • Or you were directly affected by the landslide

  • Or, you travelled to/from Gojal after the disaster 

  • You are a resident of Gojal valley (even if you are currently based outside the region)

  • You have the time and willingness to share your experiences and opinions voluntarily in an email-based interview, by answering a comprehensive questionnaire  

If  you are interested in being part of the research kindly send us your name to 

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