Socio-ecological studies of GB lakes conducted by SWSH and PWP, detailed reports to come out soon

Farasat Ali 

Gilgit: World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan under the Saving Wetlands Sky High Programme and Pakistan Wetlands Programme organized a two-week survey expedition to explore the enormous wealth of wetlands , at selected high-altitude lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan from 9-22 August, 2011.

The lakes selected for the study included Ghursay Lake (Kharmang), Karfaq Lake (Ganche), Jarbasso Lake (Shigar), Birgal Lake (Ishkoman) Gahkuch Marsh Land (Gahkuch), Shandoor wetlands complex (Shandoor).

One aim of the study was to document the mammals, birds, reptiles and terrestrial vegetation found on and around the lakes. By using GIS technologies survey experts also developed comprehensive maps of the studied sites.

Survey team consisted of experts from the WWF’s Saving Wetlands Sky High Programme, Pakistan Wetlands Programme, Wildlife Foundation of Pakistan, National Agricultural Research Council of Pakistan and the Karakorum International University

Survey team collected primary data on wetlands biodiversity to explore their status, distribution, population, threats and alliance with selected high altitude wetlands.

New distribution of rodents, passerine and non passerine birds, reptiles, amphibians and large mammals were identified.

The study finding will soon be disseminated through reports, journals and other publications and will also be available in the library of Gilgit Conservation and Information Centre, Gilgit.

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