Residents of Noorabad Colony Gilgit condemn overnight raids

PT Report

Gilgit, Sep 6: Resident of Noor Colony in Gilgit city have protested against overnight raids conducted by police and rangers yesterday in different localities.

“Men, women and children were harassed and many were detained”, residents of the Noor Colony complained while talking to journalists. They also alleged that the random overnight raids were conducted without any ‘probable cause’.

According to details around 50 police and ranger personnel conducted raids in Nooabad Colony of Jutial, Gilgit, apparently in search of ‘miscreants’ as part of a recently launched operation.

The Gilgit police has started search operation in different parts of the city to arrest suspects in connection with the recent spree of violence which has left 3 person dead and one injured during a period of ten days.

The residents of Gilgit have appealed to the law enforcing agencies to show respect for the cultural and religious norms of the communities.

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8 Responses to Residents of Noorabad Colony Gilgit condemn overnight raids

  1. Sajid I. B. says:

    Way to celebrate a “defense day” aye!

  2. Karim says:

    hahah ,,, so what are you expecting?? should the rangers and police show up during afternoon and bring us a birthday cake? and knock at the door and say please open the door, or else we will go back. why does people here always have a notion that all that good and innocent are people and all that evil is the law and the police and rangers? if people live with harmony why will these people even bother to show up in the middle of the night. They are doing their job, for our own protection.

  3. Karim, SAARC, Islamabad says:

    what is reason and justification for overnight raids conducted by police and rangers in different localities of Gilgit.

  4. Karim, Islamabad says:

    I do not agree with Mr. Sajid,I.B’s statement. Police atlest show patience and thy are not supposed to attacke overnight like intruders.

  5. khan says:

    the paki police and rangers have learned atleast something from taliban to intrude in the darknight on peacefull people.
    how about the long list of criminals which they have, involved from the 1988 sectarain voilance till now. they are well protected but this is just show off…..

  6. Khan baba says:

    agree with karim ———-

  7. Ejaz Alam says:

    Completely disagree with Sajid sb, two incidence has happened infront of police and rangers WHY they arrest them at the spot? at least rangers should fired bullets in the air to see a little resist from them, many incidents happend in the past in the presence of police and rangers.

    So there must be a question mark on performance of police and rangers !

  8. Sajid I. B. says:

    I am trying to figure out how could what I said mean what was apparently understood by some. Don’t blame me for your inability to understand sarcasm, friends.

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