Victims of Chitral attack identified, Taliban accept responsibility

PT Report

Chitral, August 28: According to media reports dead bodies of the soldiers of Chitral Scout and Border Police have been recovered from the Arandu River, in Chitral.

Chitral Today has released names of the people killed by Taliban.

According to Chitral Today, the martyrs include, Subedar Niat Ghazi of Brep, Subedar Younis of Barenis, Manzoor Ahmed, Shali Khan, Jalaluddin, Ziaul Mulk, Hazrat Omer, Hashim Panah, Mohammad Shoib, Nasirul Mominin, Rehmat, Bashir Ahmed, Salahuddin, Sarir Ahmed, Qari Azam, M. Aslam, Zafar Ali, Rehman Nazir, Ali Hyder, Zafar Khan, Bajgi Khan of Bang, Nazir Ahmed, Hazratullah, Tariq Mohammad, and Sher Akbar.

Dead bodies of Jannat Gul, Sharafuddin and Sarir Rehmat of the Chitral Police and M. Azam, Zahmi, Sub Karim, M. Yamin, Sultanuddin, M. Iqbal, Naib Sub Bohtan Wali and Anwarul Haq of the Border police have also been recovered.

Two people, Nazir and Tariq Jalal, are reported to be missing.

BBC reports that the Taliban Commander Sirajjuddin has accepted responsibility for the heinous attack on the forces in Chitral.

Meanwhile, the ISPR has released a press statement that blames the Afghan officials of backing elements of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan who, the statement say, have taken refuge in border areas of Afghanistan after Army operation in Waziristan and adjacent areas.


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