Journalists protest against “hooliganism” of Mehdi Shah Sarkar and GB Police

Gilgit: Journalists protesting against cases of harassment. Photo: Mon Digital

Safdar Ali Safdar

Gilgit, August 20: The Gilgit Union of Journalists staged a protest demonstration and sit-in against multiple incidents in which journalists have been victimized.

The protesters demanded of the Chief Minister to stop vengeful actions against journalists and direct the police to stop harassing the men of pen.

The journalists took out a peaceful rally from Gilgit Press Club to the office of IGP.

Addressing the protesting journalists, Saeed Tariq Hussain Shah said that the provincial government is trying to suppress the regional journalists. He threatened that if the abuse did not stop the protests will continue and expand.

The speakers condemned an attack on senior journalist Khurshid Ahmed, torture of a journalist in Gilgit Tent police station and action against K2 repoter, Abbas, in Skardu.

President of Gilgit Press Club, Imtiaz Ali Taj, said that the GB police is acting like hooligans and trying to implicate journalists in false cases. He said that there is growing sense of insecurity among the journalist community.

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