[Education] Aman Karim of Shimshal makes Hunza proud, getting PhD in Chemistry from KU

Shujaat Ali 

Islamabad, August 10: According to a notification issued by the Karachi University, Dr. Aman Karim, a resident of Shimhsal Valley, Gojal – Hunza, has been awarded the degree of Ph.D in Chemistry. He is one of the 18 people who got the distinctions in different fields of arts and sciences.

Dr. Aman is the first person from the remote and disaster hit Gojal Valley to win this honour.

Dr. Aman Karim completed his doctorate research studying partly at the HEJ Research Institute for Chemistry, Karachi, and partly at the Oxford University

Dr. Aman Karim

, as part of the HEC spilt PhD scholarshp program. The Oxford University has published the research findings of Dr. Aman, related to “Natural Product Chemistry and Material Sciences”.

Dr. Aman’s complete thesis work will be available at the HEC website within a few days.

Aman started his education from the Federal Government Boys Middle School Shimshal, from where he moved to F.G Boys High School Gulmit and further to the Government Degree College Gilgit, where he completed F.Sc, in pre-medical..

Karim’s journey of learning continued at the prestigious Government College Lahore and later at the Islamaabad based Quaid-e-Azam University, where he got the degree of M.Sc in Chemistry. He later went to the Husein Ebrahim Jamal (HEJ) Research Institute of Chemistry to complete a degree of M.Phil leading to PhD.

Dr. Aman Karim, talking to Pamir Times, dedicated his academic achievements to his parents, family, teachers, community members, friends and all well-wishers.

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18 Responses to [Education] Aman Karim of Shimshal makes Hunza proud, getting PhD in Chemistry from KU

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    I extend my sincere congratulations and mubarakbadi to Aman Karim and his family on completing his Ph D in Chemistry. We are really proud of Aman ‘s achievement. I wish him all best for his future endeavors.

  2. Zohra says:

    Congrates Aman bhai. We all are proud of you for being the first wakhi Ph.D in Gojal.

  3. WE are proud of DR Aman Karim’s achievement as a young brillwent son of GB, Hunza, Gojal and Shimshal. I thank his parents,brothers, relatives, educatonal institutiions he attended and teachers who taught him made a gift to the land, community and humanity.

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  5. Saeed Akbar says:

    Great Job Dr. Aman Karim. Best of luck, we all proud of you .

  6. Shujaat says:

    I know Dr. Aman Karim from his childhood. We both were good play mates and neighbours. He was a dedicated and hard working student from his school life. His academic performance remained excellent throughout his academic career. He joined Husein Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry (H.E.J.R.I.C), University of Karachi as M.Phil leading to PhD scholar by securing 2nd position in the entrance test and successfully completed all the academic requirements. He has so far published six research papers in scientific journals of international repute. He has been fortunate to study at the prestigious Oxford University through the HEC split PhD scholarship program where his finding got published from Oxford University.

    Dr. Aman Karim is the youngest son of late Ahmed Ullah Baig from Shimshal valley of Pakistan. He has four brothers and two sisters. All five brothers are professionals and well known in Gilgit-Baltistan for their extra ordinary efforts and dedication to their work. It is really a happy moment for Dr. Aman’s mother to know about the achievements of his youngest son. She is a lucky mother. Well done Aman, it is now time to serve your nation and country with your education, expertise and skills. Best of luck for the years ahead.

  7. Engr.Mahboob Hussain says:

    Accept our Congratulation Dr.Aman, We realy appreciate your hardwork ,dedication and above all your humbleness along with your success. We wish you a very happy life in your career.

    Engr.M.Hussain Dr.shahida USA

  8. Rahman Posh says:

    Many Many congratulations Dr. Aman being the first PhD from Gojal valley. We all are proud of you.

    Rahman Posh

  9. Aman Karim says:

    Thank you Shuja’at for the care and appreciation, you are a brother I truly count on. I extend my sincere thanks to the custodians of Xhiks (Pamirtimes Editor and team) your service for Gilgit-Baltistan and particularly for Gojal is laudable. I thank you every one for valuing my little effort and encouragements you have extended for me.

  10. Gohar Shah Ravian says:

    Great Aman Karim Ravian. Nice of you.

  11. Dr. Aman Karim, please accept my heartiest congratulations on achieving doctorate degree. This is indeed a very big achievement for entire region and you will, hopefully, contribute to the community. Well done!

  12. Hanif Arif Hunzai says:

    My deepest Wish of Happiness and More Success for Mr. Aman, you make the whole Gilgit baltistan proud. Doing PHD in Chemistry is really a unique thing and its going to put a great impact on school students mind that now Chemistry is not a problem 😉 congrats again Bro..

  13. Hunzukutz says:

    Proud of you Dr Aman you have done a great job indeed.We do hope you will use your knowledge ,wisdom and skills in the well being of humanity and especially for your area.Wish you best of luck to prove your mettle in the future ahead.

  14. Muhammad Jaleel says:

    Congratulation Dr. Aman Karim
    Obviously your P.hD degree in chemistry makes you more unique than other.
    Cent person people enrolled in school, more than sixty percent went through the matriculation, below fifty percent passed their intermediate, less then thirty percent uphold the graduation, near fifteen percent courage to august at master level and less than one percent conquered the eminent position of PhD ,and you are there at the top with his genius mind and hard work.
    Again I would like to felicitate you on behalf of my family and my own behlf again.

    With well wishes.

    Muhammad Jalil

  15. alimember says:

    My Dear Dr. Husham,
    Please accept our heartiest congratulations on your unprecedented achievement. I have never seen such a diligent and patient student and a humble person like you. You have made all us and particularly your elder brothers proud who were side by side with your till here.

    I also extend my cordial congratulations to my daughter, Maheen, and to your whole family.

    Ali Member & Family

  16. Sher Karim says:

    Congrates, Dr, Aman Karim

    Although it is a personal achievement by a talented student, but it has boosted all of us and are feeling proud to know that Karim is a Phd now.

    Congrates to his family members too. It should be followed by the youth and more and more students should follow his footsteps.

    Bravoooooooo Aman Karim

  17. Aman Karim says:

    To all of you, I have no words to express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your appreciations. thanks again.

  18. Darjat says:

    Well done Dr. Aman. I am certain Dr. Aman’s acheivement will attract many more young for higher education. congrts to Dr. Aman, his family members, friends and the mountain communities up in the Krakarum at large. ,

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