Women Police complaint cell established in Ghizar

PT Report

Gaukuch, July 26: The GB Police department has established a complaint cell of Women Police in Ghizar District. The centre will handle cases related to women of the region.

The complaint centre was yesterday inaugurated by Ghizar Deputy Commissioner, Shozaib Saeed.

It is pertinent to note that more than one hundred women have lost their lives in Ghizar in cases of suicide, as well as honour-killing incidents disguised as suicides.

The decision is being hailed by public sectors. It is being hoped that the centre will enable women of Ghizar to get easy access to the courts and law enforcing agencies.

There is also a need for establishment of such complaint centres in other districts of GB because in many areas gender-related cases go unreported or the feeble voices are suppressed through powerful social customs and norms.

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2 Responses to Women Police complaint cell established in Ghizar

  1. Ali Ahmad Jan says:

    Registration of complaints/ cases is the prime responsibility of police station whether from women men. What is especial about this cell, were they not dealing with women cases before? Women do not go to police station because of the fact that police has lost its credibility, There is a need to restore the trust of citizens including women on police rather than establishing cells by the corrupt police functionaries. A cell is required to be established at least at a magistrate or civil judge level where complaints against police could also be registered by all citizens including women

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