[Pictorial] Shandur Festival 2011

Gilgit – Baltistan defeated Chitral to win the Shandur Polo Festival trophy. These images depict all colors of the festival.

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2 Responses to [Pictorial] Shandur Festival 2011

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  2. Darjat says:

    I am emotionally attached with Shandur polo festival for the past over 25 years. But made it once to watch in real! Congrts to the GB team. Chitral will put their best next year. I feel sorry for Shazada Sikandar, Sub Maqbul, great players and others . This time I was supposed to call my friend Miraj Khan ( common pracrtice) but was out of the country for good! Miraj Khan, yes GB won. I know you might have called friends knowing live coverage but always you want Chitral to win!! dear try next time.

    Darjat .

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