Madame Masami Hasegawa visits Karimabad, Hunza

Press Release

Karimabad; Madame Masami Hasegawa, the widow of famous Japanese mountaineer Tsuneo Hasegawa who had died in 1991 while scaling up Ulter 2, paid a visit to Karimabad, Hunza on July 1st to pay homage to her deceased husband, to meet leaders of Karimabad and to sit with students and management of Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College (HMPSC). She was accompanied by a group of Japanese friends who were warmly received and welcomed by the representatives of Karimabad Welfare Association (KWA) who also run HMPSC in Karimabad, Hunza. In their honor KWA had organized a cultural programme attended by more than 2000 people, in which speeches were made, dramas played, and local music and dance was orchestrated. Madame Hasegawa, also travelled up to the lap of Ulter peak accompanied by her friends, HMPS school children and management, and the leadership of Karimabad to lay flowers and say prayers at Hasegawa’s grave.

Impressed with the speed and hard work of KWA and tremendous achievements of HMPS, Madame Masami announced a donation for the school’s improvement and further development, and reassured the community that she will continue to work for the future of the school and its success. On 4th July the people of Karimabad saw her off with the hope that the relationship between the people of Hunza and the government of Japan and Madam Masami will continue to grow ever stronger.

KWA deeply appreciates the contributions of Madame Masami and the government of Japan and reassures the community that it will also continue to work hard for the development of Hunza in general and Karimabad in particular.

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5 Responses to Madame Masami Hasegawa visits Karimabad, Hunza

  1. Shamim Ali says:

    We are very proud of Masami Hasegawa’s great and inculcable contribution in supporting to provide quality education to the students of Hasegawa School in our region(Hunza).

  2. Hassan says:

    Great development

  3. Sajjad Haider says:

    Hats off to the management and all the volunteers of KWA and HMPSC for their tremendous wrok.

  4. The people of Baltit have transformed the quest of an individual into a strategic relationship between two great peoples; this is a testament of great diplomacy, foresight and sense of public welfare in the minds of the leadership of Baltit. Bravo, you people of Hunza.

  5. rahim uddin says:

    i had been a student at hmps from 1997 to 2006,i appropriate that every child must seek hmps because my experiences that i obtain are countless till today these experiences support much.

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