Pest attack in upper parts of Hunza – Nagar District

Ali Tajik

Hunza, June 24: The upper valleys of Hunza-Nagar district are facing severe pest attack which has destroyed vegetation at large scale, posing threats of economic loss, as well as food security.

Vegetables and potato fields in Gojal valley of Hunza and Hopper Valley of Nagar are badly affected due to attack by an unknown pest. Some locals have named the pest as “Cutter Worm”, while others call it “Chor Keera”. However, due to lack of relevant expertise no scientific diagnosis of the situation has been made so far.

Some local people have blamed dry season for emergence of the pest while others see it as an impact of climate change. The assumptions, however, have no scientific backing.

The issue needs an urgent response from concerned institutions as the consequences can have dual effect where the income and food security of the farmers will be adversely affected at one end and on the other the pest attack may also become a permanent feature for the future years, if a quick solution is not found.

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3 Responses to Pest attack in upper parts of Hunza – Nagar District

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  2. evelyn says:

    can u provide some pictures of that pest? What kind of pest is that?

  3. Ali Tajik says:

    well for the time being no picture is available. it is a white colour larva type pest and cuts the leaves of vegetation.

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