Ginani Festival celebrated in Hunza Valley

Pamir Times extends warmest Ginani Greetings to all people of Hunza Valley

PT Report

Hunza, June 21: The traditional “Ginani’’ festival was celebrated today in Central and Lower parts of Hunza valley, with traditional zeal and fervour.  Main gatherings were organised in Altit, Baltit and Aliabad. The local community celebrated the day with music, dance and Dirum Pitti, a traditional dish prepared to mark the festival.

Before construction of the Karakuram Highway, the communities in Gilgit – Baltistan were totally dependant on subsistence farming and during the winter seasons most of the families used to face conditions due to scarcity of food. Ginani festival was thus celebrated to mark the beginning of new harvesting season, with great joy, hope and happiness.

When Hunza was an independent principality, the rituals were performed at Baltit Fort, in presence of members of the ruling family.

This event is celebrated as Ginani and Chineer (Wakhi) in Hunza, Strublah in Baltistan and Ganoni in Gilgit.

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4 Responses to Ginani Festival celebrated in Hunza Valley

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  2. Sunny says:

    Please correct your statement, there is no ruling family in Hunza anymore… you can mention them members of former ruling family, if deem necessary…

    • raka k says:

      yes you are rite… but sunny Would you mind if I ask with out ruling family can you make these festivals and so many other gathering…. never if you take out this family from your social environment your culture and tradition finishes, be broad minded!!! the existence of Your culture and tradition has be come up through this ruling family in whole Nagar and Hunza…..hahahahhaha

  3. aailya12 says:

    Dear All :),
    From me and my family, i would like to say “Ginani Mubarak”. May Mowla keep all of us in his sight. May Mowla keep us safe from troubles and tribulations. May Mowla give us happiness and successes..Ameen.

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