“Expired ORS takes life of a woman in Chitral”, three fall sick

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, June 12: A woman named Zainab Begum died while three of her family members fell ill after taking a dose of Rehydration Salt (ORS), in Torkoh Tehsil of Chitral.

According to details three member of a family were brought to the Aga Khan Hospital, Booni, in a very critical condition, after being affected due to intake of expired ORS. Zainab Bagum, wife of Muhammad Yaqub, died on reaching the hospital while 28 year old Rahimullah, 15 year old Hazratullah of Muhammad Yaqub and 2 year old Nahrila Bibi, daughter of Rahimullah, are under treatment.


According to Rehmat Azam, Station House Officer (SHO)  of Torkoh Police, the deceased wife of Yaqub had asked her young daughter to prepare  an ORS solution because some members of the family were ill. The unnamed daughter of Yaqub prepared the solution according to the set procedure, 1 packet of ORS in 4 glasses of water, and gave the same to her family members. Soon after the intake of ORS the three affected people started vomiting and complained of stomach pain. They were immediately rushed to Aga Khan Hospital Booni because their Tehsil is lacking doctors and health facilities.

Zinab Begum expired on reaching the hospital and her other three family members are under treatment, gradually stabilizing.

The Torkoh police have registered an FIR and are investigating the case.

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2 Responses to “Expired ORS takes life of a woman in Chitral”, three fall sick

  1. farahshah says:

    Its really sad but I noticed that usually the people do not take care of reading the expiries….We should notice that date when ever we bought any thing from market….

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