Skardu in darkness for the past 108 hours, powerhouses shut down

Enraged public come out on the streets

PT Report

Skardu, May 20: Headquarter of the Skardu District in Baltistan is facing its worst power breakdown. The entire city, a major tourist destination and seat of administration, has been left at the mercy of darkness for the past 108 hours, i.e. 4 days. The reported reasons for this major electricity breakdown are ‘technical faults in the power houses’.

Hospitals are among the worst affected public facilities. Hundreds of patients are suffering because frequently used medical equipments like X-Ray machines  are out of operation. Operations theatres also remained out of operation due to unavailability of electricity.

File photo: Only those who could afford to own diesel generators are "seeing the light", nowadays in Skardu

According to some reports the town’s elite are able to get electricity through a 1 MW power house located in Kachora, as well as through personal electricity generators run on diesel.

Shortage of petroleum and food products is also being feared because a vital bridge, popularly known as “Alam Bridge”, has been damaged. The bridge has not been repaired for the past several days, leading to prolonged disruption of essential supplies.

Hundreds of people Saturday protested against the GBPWD, demanding immediate restoration of power for the city.

It is pertinent to note that premier Gillani during an election campaign had announced that Skardu and Gilgit will be developed into “Big Cities”.

A high level meeting was held today in Skardu under the leadership of Commissioner Chauhan, where several options and suggestions were discussed for restoration of electricity in GB’s second largest city.

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  2. Maleeha Khan says:

    It is toooo much!! worst situation !! :@

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