Affectees of Gojal forced to come on streets, issues should be resolved: MLA Mutabiat Shah

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Gilgit, May 16: MLA Mutabiat Shah has said that the people of Gojal Valley have been forced to come on the streets because their issues remain unresolved. He has said this while talking to Shehzad Hussain of Daily K2, Gilgit – Baltistan’s largest Urdu language daily.

The people have recorded their protest and now they should allow boat movement in the lake, MLA Shah has appealed to the people of Gojal Valley, while defending their right to protest in ‘a democratic government’.

The Technocrat member, himself a resident of Gojal (upper Hunza) has said that if the 600,000 rupees were not paid to the affectees immediately, they will be forced to spend another year in tents and temporary shelters. “After two to three months the climate in the region does not allow construction with the help of concrete”, Shah has reportedly told Daily K2.

It is pertinent to note that the protesters’ call for strike has drawn heavy support from across Hunza, with businesses in Aliabad, Karimabad and Sost shutting down, and traffic coming to a halt.

According to some reports officials of the GBDMA have held meetings with the protesters in Shishkat and Gulmit, asking them to finish the strike. However, the lake affectees have refused saying that the strike will continue till complete fulfilment of their demands.

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6 Responses to Affectees of Gojal forced to come on streets, issues should be resolved: MLA Mutabiat Shah

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  2. Saleem Shah says:

    Dear Mr Shah Sahib

    Please be honest with yourself and your homeland, you just want to record the protest, protest recording is not the solution, please act as a leader, in fifteen months first time you are on the screen and talking about yourself and in defense of your party, sincerity to motherland???

  3. khan says:

    well, the sufferings of Gojal affectees were not removed rather government is using the tactics of torturing them mentally.the corrupt establishment seems busy to make the situation more voilant in the region.
    i am wonder how the two members of the GBLA (Mutabiat shah and wazir Baig)who belong to the region can see this situation being members in the GB assembly.
    i would simply suggest them to resign from their seats in protest to not fulfilling the demands of lake affectees by the government. it would be better for them to do it in moral support of the affectees though they cant do any thing practically to meet their demands.

  4. fari says:

    khuda nay aaj tak us qoom ki halat nahi badli
    naa ho jis ko khayal apney halet khud k badelney kaa

    this is coated not for the Gojal efectees but for the leaders of gojal who are leading gojal .


  5. hakim jan says:

    Thanks God now adays our Technocrate Mr Mutabiyat Shah is coming to the right way,

    This should had happen at the biggning at least they should have forced the government to assign the project of draining of water to some capable organization.
    Still there is time for our leaders to negotiate with people and make thier efforts to resolve the core issues.

  6. murad says:

    shukr hai abi hamary leadrun ko hosh aaya. jab ham ne protest kya last year to youth ko Anti-state qarar dy k FIR karaya gya or jawanu ko Gojal se bhaganey py majboor kya.aaj wahe leader demand ker rahen hai shukr hai iss ka matlab hai hamari baat sachi thi. leken aab pachtaye kya jab chidya chug gya keht.2 sal k bad iss ka result trouma ki surt may aaye ga tu pata chaley ga……

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