May Day celebrated in Gilgit

Press Release 

Gilgit, May 01: A large public gathering was held today at  Gilgit under the baner of Labour Party Gilgit Baltistan, in connection with the May Day/Labour Day.

Speakers stressed for unity among working class and all oppresed people for accelerating the class struggle to overthrow the present crroupt captilist system and to bring socialism.

The speakers further urged for strenthening working class revolutionery party by rejecting existing opportunist parties headed by capitilists. They pointed out that without changing the present captilist system, unemployment, injustice, corruption and exploitation can not be rooted out.

Ehsan Ali Advocate, PYF Chief Baba Jan, BNF leader Safdar Ali, GBGA leader Shahid Hussain, Abbas, HRCP rep Israr, President  NATCO workers Union Fazal Elahi, NATCO Employees Union M.Ali, adv Mamtaz Nagri, President Raidhibaan Union Mushtaq Hussain and other trade union leaders and workers addresed the gathering.

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