Late. Moin Akhtar as “Satan”

Moin Akhtar passed away today due to cardiac arrest.

Team Pamir Times admires the great artist and we all pray for the departed soul.

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3 Responses to Late. Moin Akhtar as “Satan”

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  2. Wasim Anjum says:

    Moin Akhtar’s Soul rest in Eternal Peace…….His place would hardly be fulfilled……….A great actor of his era……I do not have any words to express my deep condolences to the deceased family….I would say……

    ” Rukhsat Hua too baat meri maan ker gaya
    Jo pass tha uss k wo mujhay daan ker gaya
    Bichara kuch iss ada se ke rut hi badal gaee
    Ek Shakhas sarey ko veeraan kar gaya”

  3. Darjat says:

    indeed a great actor…manay years of his work ( 70’s and 80’s) always fostered smile on the faces of many in Pakistan ( most needed) and else where who could understand urdu. I too was one of those many including my friends and family members.
    lots of prayers to rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen

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