GB girls shine at Islamic International University cultural event

PT Report

Islamabad, April 21: The 23rd Annual Cultural Week – a mega event of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) – was held at the old Campus. The aim of this mega cultural event is to promote inter-cultural harmony and to keep the cultural traditions alive.

Girls presenting GB's cultural items during the exhibition

The event was attended by students from more than forty countries including Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Sudan, China, and Sri Lanka. All federating units of Pakistan, including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir had set up their cultural stalls during the exhibition.

The students exhibited their dress, food items, arts and literature, embroideries, musical instruments, and other cultural items.

GB students grabbed third position in the cultural dress competition.

Depiction of GB traditions

GB students also participated in different sports events and other co-curricular activities within and outside university.

Some members of the GB students were Misbah Hidayat, Shazia Ayub ,Rubina Farman and Samreen Quyyum .

Misbah Hidayat won eight sports events inside and and outside the university. She was also declared best player of the IIU.

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16 Responses to GB girls shine at Islamic International University cultural event

  1. Shujaat Ali says:

    Being a former graduate of IIUI , I am very happy to see that the students of Gilgit-Baltistan represented the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of their area in IIUI during annual cultural week. It is indeed a creative and rewarding step that needs to be replicated in other universities of Pakistan.
    All the best for your present and future endeavor.

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  3. Nisar Malik says:

    GB .. you have such talent, wealth of nature and heritage …. use it well and be proud for all the right reasons.

  4. Mr. Toojik says:

    Dear Sisters & YOUTH,

    Heartiest congratulation to all the GB female student. In this congratulation my daughters and Wife congrats u for this special occassion. Rock the world, the Organizations the institutions, because the creater create us to play our part best to the strenth of ours. Keep the pluralisium and diversity and own both of them to build a BETTER WORLD FOR THE COMMING GENERATIONS.

    Engr. Baig Ali & Shahidah Baig

  5. Wasim Anjum says:

    that was a great insight and i extend my warm gratitude over such goodwill of gesture by the students of GB at IIUI. Such cultural acts enrich and portrays our culture more explicitly into the eyes of people in particular and onto the world in general. We need to owe such things which could lead to have a good confidence in students to get more involvement in socio-cultural depictions of GB at various levels.

  6. shazia Ayub says:

    Dear all
    our heartiest thanks to PT for considering our news and encouraging us.Thanks to u all.
    GB xindaabad

  7. Hyder Abbas says:

    Hats off to all my sis who has showed the world, that still, a Nation Lives in These Lands…cngratulations to all.

  8. Mirza Ali says:

    Congratulations My sisters , best wishes and prayers for the future !

  9. Aafiyat Nazar says:

    Congratulation, keep it up. Hope you will aim the highest and will achieve it.

  10. Arifah says:

    i congratulate the team leader , samina agah jan and other group members hasina, mehreen, mishbah, shazia, robina,samreen, shahana,habiba and other for their efforts to represnt true image of Gilgit Baltistan and as well as for scoring 3rd positions in both competitions.
    keep it up 🙂
    and congratz again

  11. Asif Ali Sirang says:

    Nice to see ,well done to achievers and paticipants. We have talent to improve our country and region in all aspects of life so we should use our talent in right things, keep it up.

  12. imme says:

    bhuuut shuwaaa naa .. well thats a great effort .. samina baji u n your team have done marvelous job.. Keep it up gals

  13. Hanif Hunzai (Lahore) says:

    I congrats these females of Gilgit-Baltistan for being extraordinarily on a Positive Direction! They are an example for rest of the females in GB. and they won the trust and fulfill their parents dreams. Best of Luck for there Future and Deepest Regards!

  14. shazia Parveen says:

    this credit goes to samina aga the leading team leader and this is what thy all worth it.
    GB xindaabad

  15. sadiaalam says:

    good job girls, god bless u all.

  16. Zaman Punyali says:

    I extend special felicitations to all the team members on this prodigious achievement.

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