Honest boy finds cash, asks world whose it is

GILGIT: Shahid Karim is walking proof that good people still exist. The 20-year-old, belonging to a poor family from Hunza, came across a bundle of Rs25,000 in cash lying on a footpath in a major market in Gilgit last week. Instead of pocketing the unattended money, the boy went to a media office in Gilgit, hoping that journalists there would help ensure that the money reaches whoever lost it.

“I just wanted the money to go back to whoever lost it, nothing else,” he told The Express Tribune on Sunday. He said that he informed the journalists there about the amount, requesting them to publish a story so that the person can come to him and collect his money. “It has been four days since then but nobody contacted me for the money,” he said, adding that the cash was still with him.

Shahid Karim lives in Gilgit and works at a private printing press for a salary that he says hardly meets his daily transportation expenses. He says that it is poverty that kept him away from school in his childhood. He says that his four brothers are also illiterate like him, and have been working for his father, who owns some land in Danyore.

Karim said that when he found the money, the first thought that came to his mind was how helpless the man who lost it must feel. “If I kept the money, I could have covered my expenses for six months easily,” he said, adding that his parents always taught him to be honest.

Amid the negative publicity from terrorism and political unrest, politicians termed the housekeeper’s honesty, “the real face of Pakistan”.

Last year, a hotel employee in Gilgit became a local hero after he found and returned over $50,000 in cash to a Japanese hotel guest.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 12th, 2011.

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5 Responses to Honest boy finds cash, asks world whose it is

  1. sagar kaka says:

    Juuu laaaa Paaloo Afareen Bot Tut ga Thaey Maan malot ga,,,,

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  3. Faqir Ullah says:

    Well-done Shahid! you know Honesty is the best policy; we are proud of u for exercise of the best image of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan…

  4. GM Shimshali says:

    great exemple of our society, i appreciate shahid for his honesty and even PT for projection of this news. what shahid thought that how in terrible situation the man who lost his money will be, after he came to know tha he has lost his money. to think in such a sensitive manner is a prime posative aspact of the whole story….if we all think like that, why our our society will face problem? of-course, such honest people exist in our society but the problem also exist on other side that we do not encourage them…….i salute you shahid.

  5. Goher Shah says:

    WELL DONE SHAHID. This practice is in the north mostly but why not in the rest of the country? Thus our en-sisters haven’t taught us to have bad practices.
    The best in the north is most of the elders restrict the younger to have bad doings. In the south in many times I saw appreciating the one who makes fraud and blunder-saying WA KIA MIND CHALATA HAI…..

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