[Pictorial] Scenes of destruction in Gulmit, as the water goes down

Images: Zeeshan

The receding water in the dammed Hunza River leaves a trail of destruction behind, in the form of collapsed walls of farm fields, orchards, uprooted trees and silted land.

Economic cost of the disaster is increasing with each passing day. Vulnerability of the calamity hit region has increased immensely due to loss of means of livelihood, due to inundation of land, blockade of the Karakuram Highway and subsequent loss of trade opportunities.

Rehabilitation of the displaced households in Gojal Valley remains a distant dream, after a lapse of 14 months. [Editor]

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6 Responses to [Pictorial] Scenes of destruction in Gulmit, as the water goes down

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  2. Saleemuddin Shah says:

    Thank you Zeeshan for the latest pictorial update of Gulmit Village
    Is the draining process improvement on the spillway??

  3. Hikayat shah says:

    Dear Zeeshan thanks for the latest up date pictures from Gulmit
    Kindly if possible can you make more picture near the New construction chine’s Bridge
    do you think the water level will reach the last year summer water mark or it will stay down?
    Hikayat shah Saudi Arabia

  4. Zeeshan says:

    Respected Saleem Uddin and Hikayat Shah sahib
    This time FWO got sucess at working on the spilway as the Water level is going down till now as three days have passed when the Spilway was opened 4 feet extra is down the lake of its past level and is expected that within 2 to 3 days it may go down at least 6 feet.
    i ll get the pics from the Chines side and share it here by tonight

  5. Rahmat Karim says:

    Thank you Zishan for the pictorial up dates, can you please add the caption with exact location of the pictures.
    Once again thanks for sharing the latest pictures and information.


  6. Saleemuddin Shah says:

    Thank you dear Zeeshan for the prompt response, we appreciate your efforts
    Navroz Mubarak to all of you
    Saleem Shah

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