[Feature] Two days at the ITB Berlin

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Deedar Ali

As a Tourism Management student, attending the ITB Berlin was an enriching and enthralling experience. The globally reputed trade fair allows opportunities for tourism entrepreneurs and students to meet and extend their contacts. The ITB is a 5-day event, with first three days reserved for businessmen and the last two days for general public. I got the opportunity to visit some really nice exhibition stalls, but despite of my earnest desire, could not visit all of them, because the area is huge and the exhibitors many.

Deedar with an interesting display at the trade fair

The location and the stands of different countries were impressive. Some had been designed in with such expertise that I felt as if I am visiting the country not the stands. Documentaries, cultural events and traditional food, everything was at display.

The ITB fair attracts millions of visitors and gives opportunities for new business deals. The major participants were the Tourism Ministries and Boards, Tour operators, Travel Agents, Airlines, Transport companies, Universities, Colleges offering tourism subjects fields and many more.

The Tourism Ministry of Pakistan did not participate this year for unclear reasons. However, to my delight I saw that the Tourism Ministry of Gilgit – Baltistan with some tour operators were present at the trade fair. The presentation of stalls could have been amazingly different but due to lack of resources there was much to be desired from the Tourism Ministry.

I started thinking that we are rich and poor simultaneously because at one hand we have outstanding attractions and destinations filled with rich history and colors but on the other hand, we are constantly failing to understand their importance and use them to our benefit at a grand scale.

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6 Responses to [Feature] Two days at the ITB Berlin

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  2. Waltraud Torossian-Brigasky says:

    After reading the very recent article “Showcases breathtaking beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan” by Mrs Ishrat Hyatt, Iwas extremely pleased to see Mr Deedar Ali at the ITB. The presence there of the Tourism Ministry Gilgit-Baltistan and a group of tour operators is very encouraging. An important signal to the world: “Gilgit-Baltistan here we come”! You understand the importance of tourism for your region. There is hardly another place in the world which can offer that much to its visitors. You have all the reasons to be proud of your country! I have taken many tourist groups from Austria to Pakistan
    With very nice greetings from Vienna / Austria
    Waltraud Torossian-Brigasky

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  4. hoorshah says:

    Dear organizers of ministry of tourism of Gilgit-Baltistan

    Congratulations on first ever participation and presentation of GB in the market of tourism world in I.T.B Germany. It is first brick that you laid in the history of tourism industry, we are confident that the capacity and skill and resources will kiss our feet in following year. Bravo keep it up with dedication and sincerely success is your’s.
    Wishing you all the best


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