“Opening of the Misgar and Chipursan routes to Central Asia demanded”


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12 Responses to “Opening of the Misgar and Chipursan routes to Central Asia demanded”

  1. Pamir Times has given us a photograph of “Former member of the District Council Gilgit from Gojal, Shehbaz Khan” and his associates, but not offered any detail of the proposal to open the Misgar and Chipursan routes to Central Asia that Mr. Shehbaz Khan reportedly discussed with the Tajik President during his recent visit of Pakistan.
    The two places mentioned, Misgar and Chapursan, do not touch directly with Tajikistan. Misgar touches with China, and Chapursan touches with Afghanistan Wakhan.
    There are no existing freight transport networks (truck or jeep roads) accessed directly from either route. (Kilik and Mintaka Passes from Misgar; Irshad Pass from Chapursan).
    The existing freight routes (truck or jeep roads) that link with Tajikistan are reached only via Ishkashim, Afghanistan.
    The only existing vehicular road in Pakistan that presently connects with Ishkashim (Badakhshan) is from Chitral, Garm Chashma, over Shah Salim Pass.
    Currently, the passes indicated in this article are better suited for tourism development with trekking groups. Develping these routes requires a shift in the political climate between the sovereign nations involved. It could be possible. I, along with my family, successfully crossed some of these routes in 2005 with full permission of Pakistan’s Interior Ministry and Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry.
    Linking the regions of Central Asia can bring benefit, and this potential could be developed to enhance the livelihoods of Central Asian peoples.

    • Pamir Times says:

      Dr. John

      Thank you for the insightful comment.

      We received the photograph posted above without details. We are sorry for not being in a position to provide authentic information about veracity of this piece.



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  3. Qurban Ali says:

    I agree with Mr. John Mock. This is just a news statement released from Shahbaz and he just got the opportunity to take a picture with the President. This opportunity he got as his Father in Law is the new Governor of GB and Governor was invited there. In newspapers there was twice published that Sost Dry Port Director is meeting with Tajik President and another time Sost Dry Port Director is meeting GB Director. In my knowledge, Mr. Shahbas was removed from the Directorship in 2008 on corruption charges.

    This is just to live in media.

  4. rehmat ali says:

    i dont even think this is a genuine picture.shahbaz is on the side not even meeting anyone.he is also looking the other way.what a fraud

  5. Amjad Karim says:

    hi John Mock no need to criticized local a people. we respect you and your family because you don your ph.D on that part. Mr Shahbaz leader is a progressive leader in that area. He have a good approach, we don’t care who are on the picture. we need development in that part.we are educated and we know better over future.

  6. Hikayat shah says:

    GOOD picture for a young man.

  7. wasim khan says:

    This is very good 1… congats Raja sahab
    KAdam banao shahbaz hum tmhara ssath ha… NAra shahbaz jeeya ahahbaz

  8. karim says:

    i agree with rehmat ali, this a fruad, he just tried to be famous in cheap way. he is looking at who ever is making picture.

  9. Without studies and knowledge giving remarks is normal practice of the politician but unfortunately the GB politician are admiring from.
    Jhon has vast study of the central Asia, most of the educated peoples acknowledge his contribution for tourism; we must take his remarks constructively

  10. Nazar says:

    We must congratulate Shahbaz, who had some times back reportedly announced to join PPP. A picture with Mr. Zardari is a reward for him. He is really a good entertainer and opportunist, which is why he has grabbed the opportunity.
    And as far as Mr. Amjad’s disagreement with a renowned scholar Dr. John mock is concerned that “Mr. Shahbaz is a progressive leader” is a good joke.
    Shahbaz you cannot fool anyone but yourself. It is pity that you have not learnt lesson from your humiliating defeat.

  11. Tawakal Ali Nabi says:

    i thing we take help from Raja Shabaz he is a Good Leader in Gojal specialy he have dn so many works in chipurson vally we need again your Help……………..

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