[Pictorial] Kashrote Girls High School, Gilgit

Images: Mon Digital

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4 Responses to [Pictorial] Kashrote Girls High School, Gilgit

  1. evelyn says:

    Seems that education/schools for girls are not really important there. In the 21 st centure these circumstances are a scandal and should be solved soon.

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  3. Tariq says:

    Thanks for highlighting the problem will it be possible for youto help solve it?

    Did you asked Principal of that School if she/he is getting salary ? Did you asked if there is any person appointed in School who is supposed to clean the School and that person is also getting the salary?

    If both are getting the Salary then we should demand that both be fired.

    They are getting paid from public funds and should be fired if demanded by public due to non performance of duty.

    It is not the failure of Government but failure of people who are not taking action against incompetent public servants who are paid out of public money. We should give up this habit of cribbing instead ask direct questions from the person responsible [ in this case principal of the School ] and make sure those who are not interested in working get fired. There is no shortage of persons willing to take the job at least if job is not to be done then we might as well save the public money.

    Please! Please follow-up this first with Principal and then Education department.

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