27 million USD project for re-linking KKH in the pipeline: GM, NHA


PT Report

Gilgit, March 2: A Chinese company and the National Highways Authority (NHA) are joining hands to work on construction of 2 tunnels and 7 bridges on the Karakuram Highway. The project will cost around USD 27 million and will be completed in two years., the General Manager of NHA Gilgit – Baltistan, Abdullah Jan, said during a special interview.


Abdullah Jan, General Manager of the NHA Gilgit - Baltistan

He further said that one of the tunnels to be constructed near the dammed Hunza River will be 4.5 kilometres long, while the other one would measure 9 kilometre in length.


Responding to a question about delays in compensating the people affected by expansion of the KKH, Jan said that the relevant organizations have failed to develop a compensation formula yet. It is pertinent to note that thousands of acres of land has been rendered useless across GB due to expansion of the KKH, but the affected people are unable to receive anything in return, due to bureaucratic red tapes and lack of political will.

Abdullah Jan further said that despite of financial constraints his organization is making remarkable progress in the Gilgit – Baltistan in terms of infrastructure development. He said that projects worth 15 billion rupees have been completed in 2 years.

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2 Responses to 27 million USD project for re-linking KKH in the pipeline: GM, NHA

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  2. ali says:

    Dear Agha Rahat , Qazi Nisar and Fida Ali aisarr Sahab Plz do some thing together,,, these polititions are like a rubber stamp and employees of pakistani establishment,,,,
    plz plz do some thing….

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