[Opinion] Democratic Norms

Nael Khan

The recent incident of thrashing the finance minister by the special assistant to Chief Minister depicts the democratic norms of the elected members. Democracy facilitates mutual discussion and difference of opinion. However the kitchen cabinet of the Gilgit Baltistan assembly appears to be oblivious to any democratic norms or ethical values embedded in democratic system. Notwithstanding the loopholes in the electioneering process, a semblance of some personal ethics could have avoided the embarrassing situation. With the leaders displaying such level of tolerance,it is unthinkable to expect the same from the public.

Whereas such incidents are an eye opener for the educated and aware people, flaws in the election process needs immediate attention. The criteria for election must be reviewed to avoid participation on the basis of wealth as the sole criteria. Education inculcate controls on basic human instincts and mould free human nature to accept criticism and disagreements.  Hence a tolerant behavior is expected from the prominent leaders that would come only through education and self control.

All is well that ends well. The political process has recently been initiated in Gilgit Baltistan and the process must be channelized to have a different set of leaders in future. The incident must be condemned at all level and example needs to be set for such an unbecoming conduct. Notwithstanding the influence of Pakistani politics, it is not compulsory to blindly adopt all negative points from national politics. We must set a right direction and adopt measures to ensure selection of educated leaders through the election process.

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2 Responses to [Opinion] Democratic Norms

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  2. Yougovi says:

    this has been for me is over reaction by Mr.Nael regarding the new born democratic set up of Gilgit Baltistan. Such Incidents are Usual where there is democracy. Not later than few months this Universe witnessed flying chairs and tables in Japan Assembly as well as in World’s Largest Democratic set up of Indian Assembly.
    So we need to be cool and calm we should support our chief minister doing marvelous jobs for beautiful baltistan

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