DJ School Teachers threaten to relaunch protest

Karim Ranjha

ISHKOMAN, February 16: Teachers of the Diamond Jubilee Schools, run by Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan have threatened to relaunch their protest movement from March 4, 2011.

The teachers are demanding fulfilment of raise in salary and other opportunities promised five months back by management of AKES.

The teachers have said that their protest would continue for indefinite period, until their demands are accepted.

The teachers have also announced to boycott the examination process.

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3 Responses to DJ School Teachers threaten to relaunch protest

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  2. Hafiz shah Ali says:

    AKES teachers are justified in their action.There genuine demands have been ignored by Management who sit in air-conditioned offices in Karachi. Their CEO is a 65 year old Canadian. AKES CEO and Chairman fly in business class. The administrative cost of AKESP are three times of The Citizens Foundation. AKES should cut their administrative expenses and increase the take home salaries of teaching staff

  3. javid iqbal says:

    Teachers are the main players of any educational institution. The AKES’ P’s policy to financially strangulate its teaching staff totally in contrast with and violation of AKDN’s ethical frame work. It is the democratic right of the deprived teaching staff of AKES to protest in order to thrust forward their demands.

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