GBLA passes “Pure Food Act – 2011 “

GILGIT  (February 05, 2011) : Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA), on Friday, unanimously approved, ‘The Gilgit-Baltistan Pure Food Act-2011,’ during the fifth day’s proceedings of the 10th regular session. The house business began with recitation of the Holy verses of Quran as the speaker Wazir Baig presided over the session. The speaker allowed the Law Minister Wazir Shakil to present the act, which was earlier returned in ninth session for more deliberations.

The Law Minister presented the bill, and while reading it out, shed light on the significance of the act. He said the act would ensure hygiene and health-friendly foods in the area. The house unanimously approved the act and speaker adjourned the house to meet again on Monday.

Source: Business Recorder

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2 Responses to GBLA passes “Pure Food Act – 2011 “

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  2. DR.A.REHMAN ALVI says:

    The good work of GBLA needs appreciation but at the same time the how are they going to implement and what will be the monitoring process to ensure availability of pure food for the people of GB .
    The constitution of Pakistan is a comprehensive document but unfortunately as a nation we failed to protect the rights of common men.

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