Karakoram Engineers Organization condemns sacking of GB Education Secretary

Press Release

ISLAMABAD: Education has the prime importance in the development, removing the shackles of poverty, enable people to lead better life and it is the source of enlightment in any society. The nascent province Gilgit Baltistan needs much more attention in educational development. Education department of GB was on the trace of improvement and excellence.

These views have been expressed in a press statement issued by Ijlal Hussain, General Secretary of Karakoram Engineers Organization.

The press statement states that three months back Prof. Mahboob Ali Khan was promoted as Secretary Education. He is renowned for his honesty and justice. He is also one of the founders of Karakorum International University, IT centers, initiated CIDA and AusAID projects for educational development in GB.

The statement accuses Chief Minister Mehdi Shah of appointing “his own person, Mr Syed Hadi, as new secretary education. Mr Hadi was suspended on corruption charges earlier and his selection is totally based on regional basis and prejudices of CM”.

The press release also accuses Mehdi Shah of appointing corrupt people on important government positions.

The Karakoram Engineers have appealed to the people of GB, political leaders and civil society to look at the sacking of Professor Mehboob as educational murder of Gilgit – Baltistan. They have demanded that Professor Mehboob should be reappointed as GB Education Secretary.

The Karakoram Engineers Organization has apprecaited Dr. Ali Madad Sher for standing firm against the injustice committed by Mehdi Shah.

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3 Responses to Karakoram Engineers Organization condemns sacking of GB Education Secretary

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  2. Eidullah Baig says:

    Dear Readers.

    This is a very serious issue and we all should stand against it,becasue this is the right time to act,otherwise in future we will be facing issues like this.I apparaciate the efforts of pamir times to raise the issues .We must be united.

    Keep it up

  3. M H Waziri says:

    The appointments of apex positions should be on merit and competency. But unfortunately the situation in GB is quite different. Nepotism, sectarian and territorial differences are giving preference. CM deem it wise to appoint his own people, Speaker intends to drag his near and dear ones, while other influential bigwigs bring in front their own people. In this way we are totally eradicating merit, potential, competency and ability in the region.

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