JUI’s statement widely condemned in Gilgit – Baltistan

“Our paths are different”: Amjad Advocate

Mamtaz Hussain Gohar

Islamabad, February 5: Chairman Standing Committee and Member Gilgit – Baltistan Council, Amjad Hussain Advocate, has condemned JUI’s stand about GB being “an integral part of Kashmir”.

“No body can stop us from making Gilgit – Baltistan the fifth province of Pakistan”, he said. He also said that the notorious Karachi Agreement is an alien document for the people of Gilgit – Baltistan. “The Agreement was signed without taking people of Gilgit – Baltistan into confidence and knowledge of our ancestors”, Amjad said.

Amjad advocate further said that for the past 62 years Kashmiries were enjoying different powers and facilities but they never thought of sharing anything with the people of Gilgit – Baltistan. “Now, when we are getting some political benefits, the Kashmiris are opposing our rights”, he added, while talking to this scribe during a special interview.

He further said that our forefather have liberated this area from Kashmiris and Dogras and that’s a historical reality. “We won independence after a rebellion in which our forefathers shed their blood. The colonial nightmare has finished and now we have no links, whatsover, with Kashmir or Kashmiris”, Amjad Advocate said.

The statement by Fazlur Rehman sparked a controversy in Giglit – Baltistan and public circles have severely criticised JUI for trying to impose its political agenda on Gilgit – Baltistan.

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4 Responses to JUI’s statement widely condemned in Gilgit – Baltistan

  1. abu rubab says:

    Amjab sab before angry on the statement please check the article one of Pakistani constitution.I am also suggesting you please please try to check the neutral records and history of GB. You want to make GB as 5th province of Pakistan. May be this is yours dream.You are allow to see dream day and night without nay tax but please you should try to review your views in light of pakistani constitution as well as in light UNCIP documents, Shimla mohiyda, Karachi agreement,Elan ay agra and Lahore, Pak china agreement.But not try to impose yours dream on GB .This is an illogic behavior. Brother you are a lawyer but you are try to convert yours profession from lawyer to lier . Am i right. Brother now you are in a position please speak on truths. Stop t confuse the peoples of GB. You also try to fallow the latest official statements of your senior Pakistani bosses.
    GB is a disputed Territory and still the issue is still link with Kashmir conflict.

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  3. Zaman Punyali says:

    Mr. abu rubab!

    ……. Before putting down the names of so many alien pacts and agreements, could you name any true representative from Gilgit Baltistan who attended these meetings and ensured the Kashmiris about the consent of the people of GB.
    Why this irrational attitude? You dare defying the sweat and blood of our ancestors who laid down their lives to liberate these areas. We know no Kashmir. We have our own identity. We are declared the defacto province of Pakistan. Soon we will have our constitutional position and role in mainstream politics in Pakistan.
    Now these aliens charters and pacts hold no importance. What is important is the will and the consent of the people of the area. I think i do not need to say stop dreaming. We will not sacrifice for the so called “Kashmir cause” .

  4. Abu Rubab says:


    Please publish my comments which were send in answer of mr Zaman

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