[Documentary] Precious stone — سنگ آمد by Waqar Malik

Shared by Waqar Malik

Part – II (Click to open)

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4 Responses to [Documentary] Precious stone — سنگ آمد by Waqar Malik

  1. well its indeed a very appreciable step taken toward the marketing of gemstones via webs to make peoples aware about the other whole side of gem business, lack of awareness among our peoples have resulted in losses of all the treasure trove in the well endowed mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan, as mentioned it that almost more then 70% of the Gems are exported in rough form without any value added to the specimen by one himself, its has been very conventional from the time to smuggle the products via the border to the nearer country without paying any tax and other custom clearings which renders lot of loss to the public of which the property belongs to, so in my opinion its almost must to every body of north to know at least the identification of different stones found on the crust ,because Gilgit-Baltistan is the hub of precious and semi precious Gemstones.

  2. Agree & thanks for the reponse

  3. Nizam ud din Sagar says:

    Good Job Waqr Bai…!
    Keep it up, it helps us to Introduce our Beauty full land, and it’s Precious stones, also Good for awere ness to our People.

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