Disaster Management Committee formed in Gojal

Reported by Amin Uddin Posh

Sost, January 31: A committee of the notables from all villages of Gojal II has been formed. Named as Gojal Disaster Management Committee, the organization aims to dialogue with the government departments and GB ministries to find solutions for the issues faced by people in the calamity hit region.

The committee comprises of social, religious and political figures. Tawasul Shah, a renowned social leader, is heading the committee. He is also the chairman of Gojal Rural Support Organization.

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5 Responses to Disaster Management Committee formed in Gojal

  1. Shamim Ali says:

    Amazing!!!! Desaster has hit the people of this valley a year ago but the committee is formed now..Is this the malodorous politics in our valley or what??Readers! I really need to know the fact….

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  3. Hafiz shah Ali says:

    So now this entity will handle all relief activities in Gogal.If there is food shortage etc they will address it.
    All I can say is disaster mitigation and management is a serious issue and needs to be handled by professionals. Gojal region due to it’s geographic and geological conditions is prone to frequent disasters and it needs serious interventions

  4. Meherban says:

    Dear All

    No need to form new committees, there is rabita committee working from the first day of disaster.After a year why they form a new committee.

  5. Abdul Waheed says:

    Dear All,
    i personally respect Mr. Tawasul Shah and his companions on board. what actually to think about is that what the government wants, i mean divide and rule. i would request that there is an extreme need of unity among Gojalians. therefore please come forward and cooperate with RABITA COMMITTEE which already exists, and make one voice. The corrupt administration is already in fears and using there best efforts to divide the community into groups. please understand thee politics and show your unity.



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