Two men killed in Ghizar road accident

The vehicle can be seen in middle of the Shandur River

Special Reporter

ISHKOMAN, January 30: A vehicle skidded off the Khanchay bridge in Punial valley and fell into Shandur River today, killing two people. According to initial reports the deceased belonged to Hatoon village of Punial, Ghizar.

The accident may have been caused by light downpour which turned the roads and bridges wet and slippery.

The local people were searching for bodies of the victims with the help of a locally prepared boat, known as Jalo. Till late night, however, the bodies could not be recovered.

Other minor road accident have also been reported from different parts of Ghizar District.

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3 Responses to Two men killed in Ghizar road accident

  1. Shafqat inqalabi says:

    Dear brother very sad news please correct the place Kanchey bridge is in tehsil puyal not in Ishkoman.The road is known as ishkoman road.

  2. Pamir Times says:

    Thank you for the correct information.


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