Hunza Cultural Mela concluded in Islamabad

“Sharing and Caring”, the message!

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ISLAMABAD, January 30: The Hunza Cultural Mela came to an end today. People from Gojal, Shinaki and Kanjud – the three distinct parts of Hunza Valley, came together to celebrate diversity and entertain themselves, while also giving the younger, urbanized, generation a feel of the culture of their ancestors.

Speakers called for across the board unity among the three parts of Hunza Valley.

Singers, dancers and other artisans presented different shades of the region’s cultures.

“We need to ensure mutual respect and equality for materializing the nice-sounding ideas”, a youth present at the Mela told this scribe. He hailed the organizers for bringing the people together.

The event was held under the banner of Hunza Cultural Forum, an Islamabad based initiative working for revival of the region’s cultural identity.

Hundreds of women, men and children attended the program and spent quality time for two days.

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3 Responses to Hunza Cultural Mela concluded in Islamabad

  1. Safdar Khan Hunzai says:

    sir you have done a good explation yes kunjud, Shinaki and Gojal are three the part of Hunza some peopls misunderstand that the hunza and Gojal are diffirents areas before two years ago at karachi press club i was also told to to our youth the The Hunza is From Chipursan to Khizir Abad .There are three parts in hunza which are Kunjud from Atta Abad to Murtaza Abad (Central Hunza), Gojal from Shishkat to Chipursan (Upper Hunza) and Shinaki from Nasir Abad to Khizir Abad (Lower Hunza) please highlight this comment to all our youth for unity thank u.

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