‘Heavy’ electrical appliances snatched in Ishkoman Valley

Karim Ranjha

Chatorkhand, January 25: (TR) A team of inspectors from the PWD have come into action and snatched electrical appliances, like heaters, immersion rods, electrical ovens and heavy bulbs  from households in the Ishkoman Valley.

The action has been taken to ensure equitable supply of electricity to the region. It is pertinent to note that in these parts of the world the supply of electricity decreases manifolds due to closure of hydral power plants.

In the past similar inspection teams had not been able to resolve the issue because of favouritism. The local people of Chatorkhand, Birgal and Kochdeh have hailed the inspection team members, specially sub-engineer Habib ur Rehman and Munir Ahmed, for taking action.

The local people have protested against the electricity supply problems in the region.

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