“First Pakistani Women Winter” expedition returns from Mingligh

Read the story first pakistani woman winter expedition Details

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9 Responses to “First Pakistani Women Winter” expedition returns from Mingligh

  1. Sana Saleem says:

    I wish I had also been there… The snow and a cup of tea near the fire !

  2. fauzieye says:

    mashallah- amazing- my prayers-stregnth and dua for you girls
    takbeer and ya ali madad.

  3. sam says:

    Amazing!!! we are all proud of you, you go girls!

  4. muhammd afzal says:

    its realy a great achievement.
    hearty congratulation from me.
    i never visited shimshal valley but it has been my desire to visit shimshal.
    i love shimshal valley and its people.

  5. Ghulam Mussa says:

    It is really nice to see the successful attempt of women of shimshal toward mountaineering. I think its vast projection is very important on acute bases , especially on international level because it is a challenging and full of risk attempt by the women of shimshal. The projection may make the related department realize about the importance of this expedition. The history of mountaineering reveals that many winter expeditions have been attempt by the professional climbers but very rarely successful attempts were made. These mountaineers have developed a chance for women of Pakistan to represent Pakistan on international level in the field of mountaineering because they have proved it that they can do it. But the question arises that it is not the first time, women of shimshal have attempted a dangerous, they have the such sort of expedition in the past as well; but related departments have yet not taken any solid initiative to promote women mountaineering in the area.

    Thanks Qudrat and Shaheen, you have many times organize such events for promotion of mountaineering by using your own scarce resources and valuable expertise. I hope that you will materialize your ideas through widening opportunities for women of Gilgit Baltistan.

    The readers must be aware about the nuts and cracks of this game that it is not like football or cricket played in the streets, our women have even not available opportunities to play football and cricket in Gilgit Baltistan. Mountaineering, especially winter expedition is a game full of risk and lives can be easily lost. But we are proud that we have such mountaineers available in the area and our government don’t even try to support them. I hope they will realize it and take an initiative toward women mountaineering

  6. Mirza Ali says:

    thanks Pamir times for sharing the pics and story!
    thanks All for your comments!
    @ Musa, thanks dear for your comment! its to correct that the Expedition and event was organized by “Pakistan Youth Outreach”
    for more please visit http://karakorumclimb.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/samina-baigfirst-pakistani-woman-winter-expedition/

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  8. abroo says:

    congraction dearzz,
    really wounderful step toward success…
    m really happy to hear you people have got alot of success in the field of mountaining,go ahead with the effort INSHALLAH u guyz will be on the top of Mounteverest,our prayers r alwayz vd u ppl
    increadible work…..m proud of u guyz

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