17 new volunteer citizen journalists join Team Pamir Times

No girl/woman has expressed willingness to join the team!

The Pamir Times’ call for expansion of team has been a partial success as 17 male volunteer reporters have expressed their willingness to join our team.

The nineteen aspiring reporters include Asad Ullah Khan (Danyore, Gilgit), Anayat Baig (Punial, Ghizar), Ahmed Nayyar (Aliabad, Hunza), Shahid Hussain (Ghulmat, Nagar), Rahat Ali Shah (Karachi), Nizam Udin (Dubai, UAE), Muhammad Deen (Danyore, Gilgit), Shahid Iqbal Misgari, Kashif Ahmed (Chitral Town), Liu Xiaoying (A Chinese national based in Skardu), Naeem Ullah Baig (Aliabad, Hunza), Sajjad Ali (Danyore, Gilgit), Karar Hussain (Islamabad), Irfan Ali (Gojal, Hunza), Amin Posh (Sost, Gojal), Arshad Ali Sakhi (Gilgit) and Muhammad Ilyas (Ghanche, Baltistan).

The team expansion is on going and we also look forward for volunteers from Astore, Diamir and Skardu to join us on this common platform. We also strongly encourage female students and professionals to join us for the common cause of peace building through inclusive dialogue, information exchange and democracy.


About Pamir Times

Pamir Times is a multi-lingual news portal operational since October 2007.
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One Response to 17 new volunteer citizen journalists join Team Pamir Times

  1. Perhaps you should approach someone with potential.

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