“Bomb” blast at the University of Karachi

ISO stall attacked, GB students among injured

PT Report

Karachi, December 28: A bomb blast near the Mehmood-al-Hasan Central Library at the University of Karachi has caused minor injuries to around 5-10 students, including several belonging to different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan.

The “low intensity” blast occurred at the stall of Imamia Students Organization (ISO), while the students were preparing for prayers.

An eye-witness told Pamir Times that the blast occurred at a café located near the “Central Library”. He said that the injured have been shifted to different hospitals and exams have been cancelled. He also said that several students belonging to Gilgit – Baltisatn are among those injured due to the blast.

According to one source two of the injured have been identified as Sajid and Irfan. They have been, reportedly, shifted to Patel Hospital.

The students staged a protest demonstration against the university administration for ‘failing to provide security’. They raise slogans against against the university administration.

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Pamir Times is a multi-lingual news portal operational since October 2007.
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2 Responses to “Bomb” blast at the University of Karachi

  1. iqbal soleh says:

    very sad

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