A shelter being constructed in Gulmit

Wooden frame of an under-construction shelter in the disaster hit Gulmit, Gojal. Image: Adil Shah

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4 Responses to A shelter being constructed in Gulmit

  1. Jan O'Donnell says:

    This is an environmentally un-friendly design. Look at the trees that must have been chopped to make this shelter unit. This design should be banned in pretty mountain areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. I request the local government to intervene and ban this environmentally un-friendly design.This is just not sustainable.

  2. Mir Alam says:

    This design is totally environmentally friendly as this design has been approved by UN agencies and well known experts and are being constructed by a very reputed and expert organization.These wooden columns have not been chopped recently,people had chopped these trees when water level was increasing in affected areas and all these trees had been chopped because of flood in entire area,so don,t give blind opinion without getting exact information.Wooden columns are defensive against earth quake jolts and these shelters have been designed according to local environment and have been tested.The can prevent extreme climate due to their insulated technology.We should appreciate such environmentally friendly designs.Please visit shelters in Aliabad Hunza and you will find the real picture there as people have started using these shelters and are very happy and feeling comfort.

  3. Hafiz shah Ali says:

    I agree that the design is environmentally un-friendly and not sustainable.
    1) A close look at the photo shows that most of the wooden members look newly chopped.

    2) The house seems to be free standing; where is the footing,how is it tied to the ground. The house will fall like a pack of cards in an earthquake.

    This is bad design,bad construction which is neither environmentally friendly,nor sustainable nor earthquake safe.
    I agree with Dr Jan O’Donnell.

  4. Mir Alam says:

    Mr.Hafiz Ali shah why you and Mr.Jan are creating confusion among people,have you both visited the construction site,have you got physical visit to this model house,if not please go to the area and you will get real picture.

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