Young filmmaker Nisar Ahmed’s two documentaries among finalists at the Alpavirama 2011 Competition

PT Report

Islamabad, December 21: Two documentaries directed by Nisar Ahmed, a young filmmaker hailing from Gilgit – Baltistan (Gojal, Hunza), are among the finalists at the Alpavirama 2011 – South Asia Short Films and Documentary Competition.

Nisar Ahmed - a young filmaker belonging to GB

The competition is being held in India under the aegis of the National Institutue of Design, Ahmedabad.

Talking to Pamir Times Nisar said that he  was pleased to be able to represent  Gilgit – Baltistan and Pakistan in India. He termed the competition to be a good learning opportunity for all the participants.

The two documentaries of Nisar selected for the final competition are  “Burning Paradise” and “Cinema Making Peace”.

He is a graduate of the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore and currenly working with the Interactive Resource Center, a lahore based media production company.

List of the finalist films (Clicking on the link will open a PDF File)

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21 Responses to Young filmmaker Nisar Ahmed’s two documentaries among finalists at the Alpavirama 2011 Competition

  1. ameer says:

    please correct the spelling ( india)…

  2. Sajida Khan says:

    Well done Nisar !!!!!
    Congrats 🙂
    Keep it up
    God Bless You

    Sajida Khan
    USA FL.

  3. Najeeb Ullah says:

    Well done dear…….proud of thee
    thumbs Up

    Najeeb Ullah
    Madison WI

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  5. Sajjad A Khan says:

    Good luck Nisar

  6. Didar Ali Hunzai says:

    Congratulations Nisar & best luck!

  7. Ali Masud says:

    well done Nisar and we hope that with the passage of time you will excelerate your skills and professional capabilities.If you will work with zeal and consistency inshallah you will get national and international recogination.
    with best wishies
    Ali Masud

  8. Dear Nisar,

    CHEER AND KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

  9. nisar ahmed says:

    Thanks everybody for your appreciation and encouragment.I am really thankful to you people and PT for your support all the time.I hope I could fulfill all the best wishes and could represent my area and country at international level with all the best spirit and passion.

    nisar ahmed

  10. Jojon says:

    Dear Nisar, Congrats for your achievement.

    We trust in your talent and hope that you will fly to new heights in your career.

    God Bless you


  11. Amin Beg says:

    Dear Nisar, this a great step forward!
    we are proud of our youth engaged in creative activities and spreading the values of peace, tolerance and self-help and self-respect.
    keep it up, sky is the limit.

  12. firdous jamal says:

    Dearest Nisar , an innocent start with humble stance ,a creative thoughts and peaceful nature lover I am proud of YOU…….. God Bless YOU

  13. daughter of gilgit-baltistan says:

    dear nisar bhai
    congratulations ,thumps up and hats off to u.may Allah bless u

  14. zartaj says:

    Dear Nisar
    Congratulation! may you achieve excellence in whatever you do.

  15. Masood Shimshalic says:

    Bravo!!! way to go ….. May you will always fly on the top,the youngsters need ideals and I hope you will be the one for them.

    My best wishes are always with you.

    God bless you

    Masood Ali

  16. iqbal soleh says:

    great man …….. nice efforts

  17. Ghulam Ahmed says:

    Dear Nisar, You have done nice job keep it up .

    Best wishes

  18. Rahim Khan says:

    Great Job! keep it up, and you know! more can always be achieved

  19. Darjat says:

    Indeed a very good news.
    Dear Nisar,
    It appeares to be a good start. Competition offers challenges and if you have learned to enjoy puting your best, you can acheive whatever you have dreamed!

  20. Aziz Ali says:

    Well done dear… congrats and wish u all the best…

  21. kaka gojaly says:

    Congratulation 🙂

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